A video from an arrest that was made in September 2019 is getting “renewed attention,” according to Patch.com which has forced the Aurora Police Department to respond to the footage. The news source says that the footage shows Marcus Randle, 36, being arrested by several Aurora officers, including Officer Kyriako Vogiatzis. The officers first pulled Randle’s vehicle over in North Aurora after a police dispatcher had informed the officers that Randle allegedly pointed a gun at someone earlier that day.

The source says Randle was heading home after attending a friend’s funeral with three other men when his vehicle was stopped by police. Officials say that after Randle and the three other men “ignored multiple requests to exit [the vehicle]” they pulled them out. The statement the department recently released says that after the men were pulled out of the vehicle, “one of the officers used force that was not consistent with Aurora Police’s departmental policies.”

As a result of the use of force, Randle suffered several broken bones around his eye socket while he was being arrested and is still undergoing treatment for his injuries. He was also charged with resisting arrest and his next hearing date is scheduled for August 17, 2020. Randle claims he did not have a gun on his at any point during that day.


Aurora Officer Suspended for 10 Days Without Pay


After the department’s Office of Professional Standards investigated the incident, Officer Vogiatzis was disciplined and suspended without pay for 10 days. Patch.com also says that the use of force was reviewed by the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office, which decided not to bring any charges against Vogiatzis.


How can I hold an Aurora, Illinois police officer accountable for an act of misconduct?


Although police departments encourage victims of police brutality and misconduct to bring forward their concerns by filing a complaint with the department, rarely do these complaints lead to disciplinary action. If you really want to hold an officer accountable for their unjust behavior, you are going to need to hire an Illinois police brutality attorney—and USAttorneys.com can connect you with some of the best in the field.

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