Traffic accidents can be expensive and if they involve a lot of damages, they can be legally complicated as well. However, if a person’s vehicle is hit by a police car then the entire situation can turn even more complex. The reason why getting hit by a police car can complicate matters is because police officers often have the right of way, especially when their sirens are on while they are driving. This can cause a person to be more at fault for an accident, even if the police officer had been the one who essentially caused the accident to happen.

Under what conditions can the police officer be held accountable for the car crash?

A police officer can be held to account for the accident under the following conditions:

  • If the police officer was not driving their authorized vehicle at the time
  • If the police officer did not have their lights and sirens on
  • If the police officer had violated a serious traffic rule
  • If there was no state of emergency when the accident took place

Police officers are generally only excused in vehicle accidents when they are actively doing their job and when their job required them to move and act quickly. However, if an officer was not on duty at the time of the accident and if an officer had no valid reason for driving in an unconventional manner they will most likely be attributed more fault for the accident.

It is important to note that emergency vehicles are often pardoned from having to follow general traffic rules because of the nature of their job. Police officers are often allowed to go above the speed limit and drive in a manner which is not permissible for the general public if driving in that manner will allow them to get their job done properly.

Should I call a lawyer?

Anyone who got into a car accident with a police officer should seriously consider connecting with a lawyer in Monroe, LA. A lawyer will prove as an invaluable asset because of the knowledge and advice they can offer a person. With the correct evidence on hand a person will be able to reduce their fault and in turn, have their penalties reduced if they were negligent.

However, if the police officer was entirely at fault, presenting the right pieces of evidence in court can give a person freedom from unnecessary penalization and also get them the financial compensation they need in order to cover all of their damages. If a person faced physical injuries as well as damage to their vehicle, they will obviously be entitled to receive more compensation to cover their medical bills and lost wages.

Anyone who has suffered from very serious physical injuries because of the accident may be entitled to receive additional financial compensation for the pain and inconvenience they suffered on top of the money they receive to cover their medical bills.


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