A crowd of people gathered at Boise City Hall at the end of June while Mayor Lauren McLean and City Council members reviewed the city’s budget for next year, according to KTVB7. The group of people consisted of those in support of defunding the police and the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as Blue Lives Matter protestors. Many of the individuals that attended the protest asked that the city allocate more of its funding to social services and away from the Boise Police Department.

Others who weren’t in favor of defunding the police entirely did say they felt that the amount given to police by the city “could be put to better use.” According to Amaia Sangroniz, who attended the protest in support of defunding the police said, “We have been raised and told that the police are here to protect us. But what protects us isn’t the size of our police budget, it’s the fact that we have a safe community. It’s that people in Boise are safe, the fact that we have social services protecting our homeless populations, protecting our minority populations.”

According to Tracy Goodloe, who is not in favor of defunding the police, “Every civilization needs to have rules and regulations in order to function. It’s not trying to lead the sheep, but it’s to enforce things for their own safety. We don’t always agree with the laws but they’re there.” At one point during the protest, individuals on opposing sides began arguing and fights even broke out. KTVB’s Misty Inglet attended the protest and also found herself getting caught in the middle of the chaos.

Although city officials did not address whether they intend on reducing the amount of funding set aside for law enforcement, the source says the City of Boise is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the proposed budget on July 21. 


Many Believe Defunding the Police is a Plausible Solution to Police Brutality


After a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck until he was no longer breathing, it sparked something we haven’t seen in years—outrage. Police brutality has been and continues to be an issue for everyone, particularly people of color, and communities are fed up. Too many lives are taken by the hands of police officers who are either abusing their authority or violating the Constitutional rights of a person of interest. While some believe that reducing the funding set aside for law enforcement will help resolve police brutality, others are demanding that departments are dismantled.

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