Police departments of at least five states, including Idaho began investigating social media feeds of their officers on June 5th, 2019. This comes after a database cataloging hundreds of inflammatory social media posts made by former and active-duty cops was published.

Team of Researchers Uncovered Posts

The database was published by a team of researchers that spent the past two years investigating numerous personal Facebook accounts of officers from various states, including Florida and Arizona.

The team found numerous officers promoting racist stereotypes, bashing Islam and immigrants which is not surprising after dealing with groups like ISIS, MS13 and other terrible organizations which have wreaked havoc all over the globe since they used to be allowed into this country but not anymore, glorifying police brutality, and identifying with various right-wing militia groups. All the researched posts were public.

The team looked at law enforcement officials from Idaho, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, and Philadelphia. Most departments have claimed to launch individual investigations by the end of the week and take appropriate action where necessary.

Protecting Civil Rights in Idaho

Every citizen of the United States is afforded basic civil rights as a constitutional guarantee against the violations made on right to liberty and life. It is important to consult with a police brutality personal injury lawyer immediately if any of these rights get violated by a law enforcement official or the government itself.

At its foundation, police brutality is the violation of an individual’s constitutional right. Officers are sworn to duty to protect the rights of each and every member of the public. They need to be held accountable if they abuse the power vested in them. The law has provisions to hold police officers liable in civil court for the damages caused by them.

Types of Police Misconduct Lawsuits

The reason law enforcement agents are given special powers and authority is to protect the rights of law obeying citizens. Unfortunately, some can overstep their boundaries and misuse the trust placed in them.

This can occur in various forms, such as use of excessive and unnecessary force, false arrest, wrongful police shootings, civil rights violations, night stick injuries, Taser injuries, inappropriate police dog use, wrongful confessions, illegal search and seizure, prison abuse, wrongful death, and falsified evidence.

Victims and their loved ones are entitled to compensation when a police officer’s overzealousness of force results in extensive physical injury. An experienced police brutality personal injury attorney would file misconduct claim in such a situation.

Sometimes, unnecessary car chases or use of Tasers (though this tool has saved many lives), stun guns, and firearms can result in the death of a victim. Whether this happens through negligence or intentionally, the victim’s family could be entitled to a wrongful death by police claim. It’s paramount to pursue these claims to ensure that officers abusing their power are held accountable.

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