Millions of people each year experience head and back injuries, burdening them with medical costs, pain and suffering, and often the loss of their careers or livelihoods. The neck and head are very complex and sensitive parts of the body, meaning that the slightest impact or incorrect movement can ultimately be life-changing.


The construction industry, in particular, has a high rate of injury, not solely because of the inherent danger of job sites, but because of the attitudes and culture of the workers; Many tradesmen take pride in a “just get it done” attitude, while others may feel pressure from bosses to do things that aren’t safe, inevitably leading to accidents. 


If you’ve injured your head or neck working construction, you may be entitled to compensation, so make sure to get in touch with an experienced head and neck injury attorney here in New Mexico.


New Mexico’s laws on workplace injuries


Generally speaking, someone injured in a construction accident can receive compensation in two main ways: 



These two avenues depend on the circumstances, but most of the time it’s difficult to receive compensation outside of workers’ compensation if the accident was either the worker’s fault, or no one’s fault. Even if it’s clear that the accident was the fault of the employer or a negligent fellow employee, pursuing anything outside of workers’ compensation is uncommon. This can be frustrating for many injured construction workers because worker’s compensation usually doesn’t allow for as much compensation as a regular personal injury claim in New Mexico. 


The state of New Mexico recently updated workers’ compensation laws to allow workers to sue their employers in the circumstance that their employer explicitly forced them to do an unsafe act that led to the accident. This is one route to getting compensation outside of works comp. Another is if the accident was caused by someone completely unaffiliated with the injured worker, for example, another tradesman. 


Getting compensation 


Forms of compensation  for head and back injuries can include: 


  • Back pay
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Front pay
  • Rehabilitation expenses


Because of the complexity of the spinal cord, many injuries can remain undetected for months and then spring up or become aggravated later on. This is why a thorough and proper medical assessment is necessary to know exactly what happened to you. These medical records will also be necessary for any litigation.


Have you suffered a head or back injury in a construction accident in Albuquerque?


A head or back injury can be devastating, and things that may appear minor may easily develop into severe disabilities, mental illnesses, and pain. Get in touch with the Law Office Of Brian K. Branch to explore your options for compensation.


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