While all police beatings are clearly inappropriate, this is especially true when there is video evidence to document an extreme level of misconduct. In these kinds of situations, victims will usually have large amounts available to them in the form of a settlement agreement or a verdict after a trial.

Dashboard video cameras captured an incident where the Minneapolis police violently beat a man during a traffic stop.

Traffic stop turns into beat down by multiple officers

One officer had initially stopped the victim based on some kind of a traffic offense. After a few minutes of speaking, the officer orders the victim to step out of the car, then pulls the victim’s jacket over his head and starts to pull him to the ground violently. While the initial cause of the confrontation is still unclear, multiple other officers came onto the scene to assist during this struggle. They were captured punching and kicking the victim for several minutes afterwards while he is face down in the snow on the sidewalk.

After the video surfaced, the Minneapolis police chief released a statement that he was concerned about the behavior of the additional officers who joined the beating, but said that the officer who initially came into contact with the suspect acted appropriately.

In addition to documented physical injuries, the complaint the victim filed related to the beating speaks of stress related symptoms and panic attacks that are now a part of his daily life. The beating was also so bad that the victim lost control of his bowels and defecated while he was being hit.

What factors will determine the amount of damages? 

After this kind of a severe beating, the magnitude of damages awarded to the victim may also be equally great. Damages are the legal term for the amount of money that is paid out to a victim to cover the economic harm such as medical bills, hospitalization, continued therapy or other treatments, along with things like missed time from work and diminished earning capacity. Another significant element of damages can be the mental and emotional trauma tied to an incident, which was clearly a significant factor after the beating described above.

Is it possible to get a specific number?

While it is impossible to determine an exact amount of damages without knowing the facts of each specific case, things like long periods of missed work or permanent medical care are usually very expensive. This means that it is the defendant’s responsibility to pay for these problems if they are found to be at fault for causing the underlying injuries. When a lawyer is working on a victim’s case, they can usually try to get an estimate of total damages based on factors such as the severity of the injuries, the specific type of treatment required, and other problems that the victim has to endure.

Lawyers can file a case on your behalf

To speak with an attorney after you have been hurt by any kind of police misconduct in the Minneapolis area, contact Florin Roebig Trial Attorneys. They have recovered significant sums of money for victims of various types of accidents.

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