Pennsylvania – November 15, 2020

Personal injury attorneys near Pittsburgh can be of great assistance to accident victims, or their loved ones who may need guidance to recover resultant damages.  Legal counsel can work with insurance claims adjusters, or initiate formal legal action after an accident results in personal injury, property damage and/or the loss of life.  Pennsylvania laws provide for payment, or indemnity when an injured party is not at fault, referred to as “damages.  Accident lawyers are familiar with an insurance company’s desire to close out claims quickly.  It is important to consult with a lawyer shortly after an accident results in property damage, bodily injury, or death, before an insurance company attempts to offer a limited settlement amount. Personal injury attorneys have valuable resources to support a case by:

  • Sending investigators to the accident scene – An accident scene investigation is conducted to determine the cause or causes of an accident. An accident investigation is usually performed in order to prevent similar accidents in the future, but an investigation may also be conducted during or in preparation for a legal battle in order to determine who was at fault. Accident investigators come from a range of backgrounds and may include forensic scientists, engineers and health and safety advisers.
  • Reviewing police reports, witness testimony and medical records – discrepancies in reporting can be decreased, or eliminated when reports, records and testimony are found to contain similar information regarding accident events.
  • Hiring appropriate financial personnel to make valuations of loss – these individuals can use current data sets to decipher lost wage determination, and diminished values of property along with case-specific financial questions that will reflect in requested financial
  • Researching supporting case law – state and federal laws will need to support actions to cure any damages caused by negligent acts, and outline the relevance of insurance laws on damage compensation related to identified fault.
  • Supporting victim’s rights against aggressive insurance companies.
  • Drafting and filing complicated insurance and legal documents.


Compensatory damages are an award of money that reflects compensation for actual economic loss, injury, and property damage, not including punitive damages. Special economic damages may include present and future lost wages, present and future medical therapies, residual medical bills, and household expenses, while general non-economic damages may include pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of consortium, or companionship.  Punitive damages are awarded on a case-by-case basis.  Monetary awards in Pennsylvania have a cap of $500,000 against local government claims, and a $250,000 limit on claims against the State.

Seek legal counsel.

Call an accident attorney in the Pittsburgh area to assist in the determination of  “fault” and move forward with a legal proceeding to address the wrongful death loss.  An experienced accident lawyer at Scanlon & Wojton will fight for your rights and are familiar with workers’ compensation regulations that will impact a case outcome.

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