Manchester, NH – There have been many high profile incidents of police violence and misconduct where a suspect was beaten or fatally injured by police officers. While this is a clear violation of the law, and officers are supposed to be trained to use force reasonably, unnecessary police violence is not an everyday phenomenon. Problems with police brutality tend to be more concentrated to certain officers or jurisdictions, rather than a consistent national problem. 

Police interactions increase as crime and population grows

A small state such as New Hampshire may not experience too many incidents of police brutality in a given year. Cities in large metro areas tend to have both the most cases of police brutality, along with higher amounts of crime and interactions between the police and public in general. However, most interactions between the police and the public do conclude without any problems such as unnecessary use of force or wrongful arrest. As criminal investigations are more common in places with larger volumes of officers and higher crime rates, these areas also tend to have greater problems with misconduct. 

Officers that create problems

There is also a related phenomenon where some officers are consistent offenders, yet they do not seem to be disciplined appropriately. Many law enforcement officers who engage in serious acts of violence and misconduct usually have a history of complaints. This creates the perception that police violence is rampant, however it is more likely that there are a few problem officers in any given department or municipality. Police misconduct complaints are investigated by a department’s internal affairs division. The people in this division tend to be coworkers with the officers they are investigating, and they rarely hand down serious punishments or terminate the offending officer’s employment. This is why civil lawsuits against the police tend to be the most effective way to punish the officers and receive compensation for the victim. 

Prevention of police brutality and civil lawsuits

When police brutality does occur, it is illegal for officers to use their authority given by the local government to inflict unnecessary harm. There are federal civil rights laws that have been used in most police brutality cases which say that the government cannot use its authority to deprive people of their constitutional rights. Many states also have related laws that cover the same aspects of misconduct by the police and local government. Civil rights attorneys use these laws consistently. 

Assistance is available from New Hampshire police brutality attorneys

When someone has experienced an episode of police brutality in Manchester or other parts of New Hampshire, they can contact a local lawyer for assistance. is a directory that helps people find the right kind of legal help easily on the web.