Police brutality claims are valued differently as it depends on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Was the individual injured as result of having excessive force applied? How severe were his/her injuries? Were the victim’s rights violated during their encounter with the police officer? Are they now struggling to get their life back on track because of the experience they went through with a law enforcement officer?

All of this must be taken into account before a police brutality claim can be valued. The best way to find out what a victim’s case is worth, however, is for them to consult with a Colorado police brutality lawyer.


After a Police Brutality Case Has Been Valued


Once a victim receives an estimate for what their case is worth, it doesn’t necessarily mean that is the amount they are going to receive. However, when they choose to retain a lawyer at Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC, they can rest assured that the team of Colorado police brutality attorneys at this firm will fight for the full amount they are entitled to.

The fact is, although an individual might receive an estimate for what their case is worth, they are still required to prove that the officer(s) engaged in a wrongful act and that they suffered injuries as a result of this. In addition, they will need to gather and provide evidence that connects their injuries with the act of misconduct. Now, because all of this can be overwhelming to someone who was just harmed or mistreated by a police officer, Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC is ready and prepared to handle this for them.


Potential Outcomes in a Police Brutality Case


After a police brutality victim decides to bring a case against an officer or the department they work for, there are a few potential outcomes that can be reached. These include:


  1. The department acknowledges the officer’s wrongdoing and awards the victim the compensation they are seeking. This might include compensation for their pain and suffering, mental anguish, etc.


  1. The department offers the victim less than they are asking for. In some police brutality cases, the negligent party may decide to offer the victim a settlement in exchange for closing the case and not taking it to court. If the victim and their police brutality lawyer believes the settlement offer is reasonable, they can accept it and allow the case to close. If they disprove of the amount, they negotiate with the defendant (i.e. the negligent party) to see if they can get the settlement increased. If both parties agree on the amount, then the case won’t need to go to court.


  1. The department refutes the allegations and allows the case to go to court. In the event the department believes the officer’s actions were justifiable and doesn’t want to pay the victim, the case would then go to court where a judge and possibly even a jury would make the final ruling.


If an individual was recently harmed, harassed, or mistreated by a Colorado police officer and they would like to find out if they have a viable case that warrants compensation, they can contact Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC to receive an initial case review.


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