Some cities have a troubled history of poor relations between the public and the police. In recent years, Jacksonville has dealt with lawsuits and civil unrest after a number of police beatings. Unfortunately, the taxpayers in these cities ultimately end up picking up the bill for payouts related to these incidents.

Multiple police brutality cases coming to trial in Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office may lose a large sum of money because of a few different police brutality lawsuits that are all expected to come to trial around the same time. Depending on the size of settlements or verdicts in these cases, taxpayers in the county may be on the hook for thousands or millions of dollars due to a few serious errors by their local police forces.

The first case is related to a victim who was beaten and hit with tasers by multiple officers to the point where he became unconscious. The victim required long-term hospitalization after the incident. His lawsuit alleges excessive use of force and violation of his First Amendment rights for injuring him based on his actions during a protest. Criminal charges against him were later dropped when video of the incident surfaced.

Another lawsuit involves an officer who has been the subject of multiple internal affairs complaints and other problems within the last few years. The particular incident described in the lawsuit against the department is related to the officer punching a teenage suspect several times, even after the victim was already detained in the back of a patrol car. The same officer also was suspended for killing a cyclist while speeding in his patrol car a year earlier.

The final lawsuit is related to a traffic stop and arrest for an open container. The filings allege that the officer injured the plaintiff and caused a skull fracture due to excessive force used at the time of arrest. This incident was never reported by the local news and unknown to the public until the lawsuit was filed.

Types of compensation after an injury

When a lawyer files a case related to police violence on your behalf, you can be compensated for things like medical bills, hospitalization, missed time from work, and other problems related to your injuries. This is because the police are government employees, and when they use excessive amounts of force to detain suspects or hurt innocent people, they are violating their duties to the public and can be held accountable.

Usually things like clear video evidence of misconduct, and beatings or shootings that cause severe injuries or death will result in the largest judgments against police departments. As a general rule, the more the officer deviates from standard operating procedures, the more likely a large value lawsuit will follow. Some cities end up spending thousands of dollars a year due to police misconduct and high profile cases can reach verdicts of over a million dollars.

Talk to a police brutality attorney licensed in Florida

Lawyers who specialize in filing cases against the local police departments can assist you after an incident of police violence. For more information about filing a lawsuit in the Jacksonville area, contact David Graham Insurance Lawyers.

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