Suing a cop in Mississippi is difficult, but not impossible under the right circumstances and with a proper legal team. 


The state will use its vast resources to protect themselves and their reputation, so winning a lawsuit and getting compensation should only be attempted if you have ample evidence of a clear violation of the law. 


If you feel you were the victim of police brutality in Mississippi, your first step is to connect with an experienced police brutality lawyer who can build a case for you and help you navigate the often-confusing bureaucracy of the legal system. 


Who’s more powerful, a lawyer or a police officer?


The police represent the government. As such, they have infinitely more resources than any lawyer or plaintiff, meaning that all lawsuits against police are a major uphill battle. However, depending on your case, the right evidence can tilt the tables in favor of a lawyer seeking compensation for their client. 


The outcome of police brutality cases depends on how blatant an officer’s violation of your constitutional rights is. Since police officers operate under “qualified immunity” – which is a set of privileges to use force and violence in the name of enforcing the law – the interpretation of constitutional rights tend to be skewed in favor of the police. 


Under the United States Constitution, all citizens are protected from unreasonable search and seizure, as well as cruel or unusual punishment. Obviously, terms like “unreasonable” and “cruel” can be subjective and depend on the situation. For example, the shooting of a civilian may seem “unreasonable” until it’s proved that the civilian was armed and actively trying to kill the police officer. These things must all be discussed in court to convince the court and jury that the police overstepped their bounds. 


The lawsuit against Yalobusha County


28-year old Davidtron Logan was arrested after driving with a suspended license. He then alleged that police officers beat him with flashlights, punched him, and choked him. Logan’s attorney has claimed that he will have “double vision for the rest of his life” because of injuries to his eye caused by the blunt force of a flashlight. 


Logan and his attorneys sought $5 million in damages. Years later the lawsuit was still ongoing, and the police put up a rigorous defense. The police department claimed that Logan was driving without a license, had narcotics on him, and then away from them while his car was stopped.


Because of the two conflicting stories, it has been difficult for the courts to approach this situation in a clear, concise manner. In cases such as these, it can be difficult to determine whether the defendant will receive any compensation. 


Are you trying to sue a cop for police brutality in Mississippi?


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