Filing a complaint against a police officer is not something most members in society feel like they should prepare for. However, the unfortunate truth is that police misconduct and brutality is actually a serious problem in Fort Myers today and many people may find themselves being subjected to oppression and acts of unjustified violence by a police officer.

Police brutality is so complicated because most individuals are unsure of what a police officer is actually allowed to do to them. Since officers carry so much authority and prestige it can be easy to believe that they have done absolutely nothing wrong, even if they are infringing on a person’s rights illegally. The best way to know when to file a legal complaint against an officer is to educate oneself on their own rights which they have been given by the law so they can tell when an officer is crossing the line.

What does the constitution say about police brutality?

The constitutional rights provide basic protection of human rights to all members of society so that they are safe from any form of injustice and harm which can be done to them, especially by persons in power and persons who represent the law.

The Police Misconduct Provision is a law which makes it illegal for any officer to deprive the constitutional rights of any individual.  This can include a wide range of factors, including:

  • Forceful sexual harassment
  • Excessive use of force
  • False arrests
  • Unlawful searches
  • Unlawful stops
  • Discrimination and racial profiling

If a person experiences any of the above by a police officer they should make sure to contact a police brutality attorney as soon as possible. A police brutality attorney in Fort Myers will be able to help them determine if the police officer can be held liable for their actions and the attorney can then take further steps to actually pursue legal action against the officer.

How should I react to a police officer who is mistreating me?

It is always best to try and say as less as possible when confronted with a police officer who is acting violent and aggressive. It is also a good idea to use a respectful tone and not try and enrage the officer further. The police do have a lot of authority and getting off on the wrong foot with someone who holds so much authority can end up creating more problems than necessary.

As soon as a person gets the chance, they should make sure to write down exactly what happened during their encounter. In most cases, people tend to forget the details as time passes so it is essential that a person writes everything down. Once they get in touch with their attorney they can use their written statement along with the other recommendations of their attorney to file a complaint against the officer and try to bring them to justice.

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