New York jails house thousands and thousands of inmates all of which committed or were accused of committing various types of crimes. Once an individual is arrested and detained, they lose a significant amount of their rights while in police custody, however, never should they be subjected to abuse or mistreatment. Unfortunately, many jails and prisons are corrupt and there are officials working inside of these facilities who take advantage of an inmate’s vulnerability. Some officers become violent and abusive while others verbally attack the inmates they merely are supposed to be monitoring.

Another reason why so many inmates are subjected to abuse is because some officers will support violence by looking the other way when another inmate offers them money in exchange for the opportunity to smuggle in weapons. Not only are these weapons used to harm other inmates, but also officers. Between officers giving inmates the opportunity to harm other inmates along with their lack of respect for those who are being housed in these facilities, many are subjected to various types of mistreatment.

If you were an inmate that was housed in a jail in New York, NY and a correctional officer mistreated you during your stay, you do have rights and now would be a good time to exercise them. Now, you should keep in mind that you won’t want to go against the correctional facility or the officer on your own, rather, you will want to retain a New York, NY police brutality attorney to help you along and file the necessary documents that can be used to hold these parties accountbale for their inappropriate behavior.


In the meantime, while you are working with your New York, NY police misconduct lawyer, you may want to look into also filing an inmate abuse complaint form with the City of New York Correction Department.


How do I file this complaint for the abuse I was subjected to?


You will want to visit the City of New York Correction Department’s website and submit your complaint here. When submitting your complaint, you have the option to include comments about the conditions of the jail, the physical danger you were put in or threats that were made against you, and the health and mental care that was or was not provided. Of course, you will want to include details regarding the abuse you were subjected to which has led to you filing this complaint in the first place.

Now, you do have the option of filing this complaint anonymously or you can provide your contact information if you would like a reply back. The option is left up to you, however, if you plan on taking further action against the officer and/or the correctional facility, they will eventually obtain your information.


Ready to find a police misconduct lawyer in New York, NY who is prepared to help you?


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If you are ready to take action against an officer or correctional facility for the abuse you were subject to during your stay in jail, contact a NYC police brutality lawyer now who is prepared to help you.

As we mentioned above, you aren’t going to want to go into this alone. So, if you are ready to get connected with a local police brutality attorney in New York, NY who isn’t afraid to take on a case involving an officer of the law or a correctional facility, then contact There are many lawyers out there who turn away cases like these simply because they fear what might come out of it, but not the lawyers can connect you with. Therefore, if you are ready to seek justice for the physical and/or psychological pain you had to endure during your stay at a NYC jail, get in touch with an attorney today.