Being approached by a police officer is not only intimidating for many, but in today’s society, even a little scary. With the numerous police shootings that have occurred during routine traffic stops and a number of innocent individuals being killed by the hands of an officer of the law, it’s understandable for a person to feel a little frightened when they come in contact with an officer. The fact is, there are many police officers working in the field who have ill intentions or are looking to abuse the rights and power they hold simply because they know they can get away with it.


And if have you recently had an unpleasant encounter with a Dover, DE police officer and want to learn more about how you can voice your concerns, read on below as we explain the steps you can take to report this act of misconduct.


There are various levels of misconduct a police officer can display and regardless of how minor you might think the act was, when you choose to report it, you are not only defending your rights as a citizen but also protecting the community from an officer who isn’t quite capable of handling his/her role and responsibilities as an officer of the law. Therefore, if an officer became violent or aggressive with you, verbally bashed you while accusing you of a crime you simply didn’t commit, or displayed another form of behavior that would constitute as misconduct, you are permitted to file what is called a Citizen Complaint with the Dover Police Department.


Below are the instructions on how to file your Citizen Complaint form and what you can expect to occur once it is submitted.


  1. In order to file the Dover Police Citizen Complaint Form, you will need to download it and print it. On the form, you will want to describe your complaint in detail and indicate if you wish to be contacted regarding the incident that transpired between you and the officer and/or the department.


  1. Once you complete the form, you can either print it out and bring it into the Dover Police Department which is located at 400 S. Queen Street, Dover, DE 19904 or you can submit it to the Internal Affairs office via email at [email protected].


  1. After your form is received, it will be forward to the Deputy Chief of Police who will review it and then brief the Chief of Police. A command or supervisory officer will then be contacted and assigned to take action. This might mean opening a formal investigation with the Office of Internal Affairs depending on the seriousness of the complaint. In the event a formal investigation is opened, you will be formally interviewed and it will be recorded. The officer in question will also be interviewed along with any witnesses you may have included on your complaint form.


  1. After the investigation has concluded, which is usually within 90 days, you will be notified of the results. In the event the investigation reveals that the officer did, in fact, engage in acts of misconduct they will be disciplined accordingly or they may elect to proceed to a Professional Standards Board.


  1. The Dover Police Department says that if the officer requests a Professional Standards Board, then a hearing will be scheduled and you will be required to testify.


  1. In the event a criminal complaint is filed against an officer, then the department will consult with the Department of Justice regarding opening a criminal investigation as well as the possible prosecution they may face.


Dover, DE police brutality attorney

If a Dover police officer applied excessive force which has led to you suffering an injury, you may wish to consult with a DE police brutality lawyer who can help you do more than just file a complaint with the department.

Aside from filing this complaint form, you can also call 302-736-7111 immediately following the incident to report the act of misconduct to the on-duty supervisor. These complaints not only serve as a way for the community to identify when the department and/or an officer has displayed inappropriate behavior, but they are also expected to help the Dover Police Department become aware of the unconstitutional behavior one or more of their officers may have displayed.

Now, if a Dover, DE police officer wrongfully arrested you or applied excessive force although you were obeying their commands, you may want to take things a step further and hire a Dover, DE police brutality attorney. Unfortunately, not all of the complaints that are filed are handled in the manner the complainant would like which is why it might be necessary to bring a police misconduct lawyer on board who can ensure justice is served.

Therefore, if you would like to be connected with a local police brutality lawyer in the Dover area, contact today.