police brutality attorneys in Dallas, TX

Police officers need to have probable cause to search you vehicle or they must have obtained a search warrant. Without either one, the search is considered unlawful and a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights.

When a police officer pulls a driver over in Dallas, he or she is not permitted to search their vehicle unless there is probable cause to do so or the driver consents to the search. In many instances, the officer won’t have probable cause and is aware that obtaining a search warrant is impossible as he or she doesn’t have the grounds to prove it is necessary which often results in them coercing a driver to consent to a search. Unfortunately, many drivers are unaware that they do not have to agree to this search as the Fourth Amendment protects them from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Still, drivers often find themselves agreeing to these unlawful searches that sometimes lead to their arrest as the officer has made them feel as though they have no other choice but to do so. In some instances, officers will use confusing language to coerce a motorist into thinking the search is required while other times, the officer may use threats to scare a driver into signing a consent to search form.

If a police officer in Dallas, TX coerced you into allowing him or her to search you and/your vehicle and you wish to report them for this act of misconduct, below are the steps you need to follow to successfully do this.

How do I report a police officer in Dallas for coercing me into letting him or her search my vehicle?

If you wish to report an officer in Dallas, you can do so by filing a complaint. Generally, the Dallas Police Department requires you to file your complaint within 60 days of the incident, with the exception for special cases including those involving criminal misconduct or “when good cause can be shown by the person making the complaint.” In order for your complaint to be accepted, it must be in writing using the Citizen’s Complaint Form and signed by you. You can also make a formal complaint in one of the following ways:

  1. Visit the Internal Affairs Division located on the second floor of the Jack Evans Police Headquarters. You will need to check-in and a detective will then come and walk you through the entire complaint process.
  2. You can go into any police station in the City of Dallas and request to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor can help start the complaint process and should provide you with the form that needs to be filled out and submitted.

If you choose to submit the Citizen’s Complaint Form electronically, you can either do so on your computer or on a smartphone or tablet. The form can also be faxed to 214-670-8219, emailed to [email protected], or mailed to:

Dallas Police Department, Internal Affairs Division
1400 S. Lamar Street,
Dallas Texas 75215

police brutality attorneys in Dallas, TX

When a police officer violates an individual’s rights by conducting an unlawful search of him or her or their vehicle, a complaint should be filed with the help of a TX police brutality attorney.

We do recommend that you also contact Lenahan Law Firm to speak with a skilled Dallas, TX police brutality attorney to find out if more should be done on your part aside from filing a complaint. You never know, you may be entitled to recover compensation for being falsely arrested, having your rights violated, and even for the physical or mental injuries you suffered as a result of the unlawful search. To find out more about recovering compensation and how much you might be eligible to receive, contact this firm today.


Lenahan Law Firm can be reached at:

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Website: www.dallassevereinjurylawyer.com

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