Being a victim of police brutality is never easy. When a person expects a police officer to protect them, but instead, that officer ends up abusing them in one way or the other it can be quite a traumatic experience.

There are a few steps individuals can pursue in order to reduce the chances of them being the victim of police brutality. The first fact everyone should keep in mind is that officers have very difficult jobs. Not only are their jobs stressful but they also have to deal with very dangerous people and very dangerous situations. This can lead an officer to act extra suspicious and cause them to overreact to small movements and acts of disrespect.

Whenever a person is around an officer they should try and see the scenario from their perspective and in doing so make sure they do not make any sudden movements or even speak to the officer in a disrespectful tone.  If a police officer confronts a person they should reply with as much respect as possible and they should definitely not fight the officer physically or attempt to flee.

Even if an officer arrests a person unjustly it is best to comply with them and then contact a police brutality attorney in Rockville, MD at their earliest convenience. Once a person’s lawyer is by their side they can review the options they have to defend themselves against the officer’s claims.

When an officer confronts a person it is always best to listen to them, but this does not mean that a person should remain completely silent. If they feel like the officer is holding them back they can ask the officer if they are being detained or if they are free to go. Asking this question is essential as officers are not allowed to detain a person without a valid reason and this statement, as well as the response of the officer, can be used as evidence in court.

Are there certain places in which police brutality is more likely to occur?

Police officers often use excessive force and other forms of brutality in specific places. Some of which include:

  • Traffic stops
  • Large sports events or celebration
  • In large uncontrollable crowds
  • During protests or demonstrations
  • Checkpoints for sobriety

If a person wants to avoid being a victim of police brutality they should avoid acting up when they are in the above places and they should try their best to respond calmly and respectfully to any officer who pulls them over.

Officers generally act up in busy crowds and crowded places because of the stress of the responsibility which is on their shoulders to try and catch any individuals who are out to cause harm. Naturally, the more people there are in an area, the more chances of things going wrong so it is always best for a person to understand this and, in turn, try their best to keep a safe distance from the officers or to react to them calmly if they are confronted.

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