Houston, TX- Most encounters between officers and civilians end without either party losing their temper or getting into a physical altercation. But some police stops escalate, and an officer uses more force than they should and hurts suspects. In a July police brutality lawsuit against a Houston police officer who he

Police Brutality Accusations Against Houston Police

In a lawsuit, filed against the Houston Police Department in July 2017, a South Houston man accused an officer of permanently damaging his face.

According to the lawsuit, the alleged victim ran from a traffic stop, angering the arresting officer. The officer caught up with the plaintiff in the lawsuit and cuffed him while he was on the ground. While he was on the ground, the suit alleges the officer picked the suspect up and dropped him back onto the pavement.

The man alleges that during a 2015 altercation with police, he was handcuffed and dropped to the ground, ABC News reports. The plaintiff says the arresting office slammed the side of his face on the pavement causing him to blackout. He says his face has been permanently damaged.

The officer was not under investigation when the lawsuit was filed.

Unnerving Facts About Police Brutality

Most police officers take great pains to respect the rights of the people they encounter, but not all of them do. In a 2012 study conducted by the Criminal Justice Policy Review found that only a small fraction of officers is responsible for the bulk of excessive force complaints. Excessive use of force and police misconduct can include:

Body slamming a suspect on a fixed object or the pavement

Hitting, punching or kicking

Banging a suspect’s head against car

Using a taser repeatedly

Improper use of pepper spray

Unjustified shooting

Wrongful arrest

Police brutality should not be tolerated by anyone, not officers or civilians because it erodes the trust the people have in law enforcement. That erosion of trust is damaging to a community and makes it difficult for police to do their job efficiently.

Why Do I Need a Police Brutality Lawyer in Houston?

When you file a police brutality claim, you have a high burden of proof you need to meet. Police have some freedom to use force if an individual flees or poses a danger to an officer or any civilians in the area, but they cannot use excessive force. You have the burden of proving that an officer’s use of force was unjustified. That is much harder than it sounds. If you want to file a complaint against an officer or a police force, let USAttorneys.com connect you with a police brutality lawyer in Houston to work on your case. You don’t deserve to be abused just because you are suspected of a committing a crime.