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The motto of the Honolulu Cops Division is Integrity, Respect, and Fairness. While the unit in general does abide by these words, there are some individual officers who have deviated from these principles. Like with any other occupation, law enforcement officers are not all the same.

There are those who are exceptional, those who are ordinary and some who are just plain bad apples. The uniformed officers of Hawaii are for the most part selfless individuals who are well trained and highly professional.

They put their own safety at risk in order to serve and protect their communities. However, there are some cops who simply abuse and misuse the power and rights vested in them.

Without a doubt there are officers who are generally warm and professional and conduct themselves very well, but then there are also those that think they are above everyone else and treat people/suspects unfairly and with no respect.

Sometimes, they may even physically assault the suspect and this is known as police brutality. If you or someone you know has been subjected to police misconduct or police brutality then you must know that you can take legal action against the perpetrator/perpetrators. This is not Russia or Cuba where this happens all the time. China knows all about this too. This is America, human life matters here. was built to give anyone a shot at scoring a victory against abuse of all stripes. We have a legal pro for you. Get your cell phone ready to make a call.

The different types of police misconduct

Police misconduct may transpire in several forms. Some of the most common types of police brutality have been listed below:

Use of excessive force – Law enforcement officers may unnecessarily use to much physical force during or just prior to an arrest of a suspect. We have all seen shocking videos surface from across the country where officers tackle, choke, beat, and kick suspects who are defenseless in the name of “suspect not being cooperative”. Use of such excessive force is considered a form of police brutality of course.

Wrongful arrest – In order to arrest a suspect, a law enforcement officer is legally obligated to have sound and reasonable probable cause or an arrest warrant attested by an authorized judge or authority. Arresting someone without either of these is known as wrongful arrest and is considered a type of police brutality.

Racial bias – Stereotyping or targeting a suspect or individual based solely on the color of their skin is racial discrimination.

Corruption – Accepting bribes or other favors in order to advance personal profits is, unfortunately something that does occur among law enforcement officers. If you have been solicited for money or other favors from law enforcement officers who are offering something in return, we suggest that you go ahead and contact a legal professional and with this site, that is easy to do since all that search engine noise is avoided and because we built this site with simplicity as the key backdrop and focus.

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Police brutality should be reported and taken action against. When such behavior is condoned, the officer will go on to leave more victims in his/her wake. You are already at the right place! At, you can get connected with the leading police brutality lawyers in Hawaii.

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We need to root this behavior out. If the police force has a tumor in it, we need to target that tumor and let people know about it. Click and call!