A police officer in the Greenville area is facing domestic violence charges after beating his pregnant girlfriend. 

South Carolina officer has a history of violence that spans almost a decade

The state brought charges for multiple counts of second and third degree domestic violence against the officer through the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. 

The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Deputy was investigated for an incident where he picked up his girlfriend and forcefully slammed her onto the ground. She reported severe pain and cramping at the time. The two of them lived together, which caused this to be investigated as a case of domestic violence. 

Further investigation revealed that the officer faced similar problems in 2017 for assaulting his wife by shoving her head into a wall. An investigation found that there was a noticeable bump left on her head after this incident, and that their children were nearby while the violence took place. There was also another violent altercation approximately a year after that one, where the officer punched his wife in the mouth hard enough to draw blood. A much earlier incident in 2010 that never resulted in any criminal charges included a situation where the officer threw a woman on the ground and hit her while he was employed by the Greenville Police Department. It is likely that he left the Greenville police years earlier as a result of the publication of that incident. 

The officer was employed by Spartanburg County from 2016 until the summer of 2019. He resigned shortly after a local judge signed off on the most recent arrest warrant. As of the time of the news report, the officer was being held at the Greenville County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond. He faces up to three years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines if convicted on all of the charges. 

Spartanburg County is part of the Greenville metro area. Multiple officers employed by the Spartanburg County Sheriff had faced similar charges for domestic violence around the same time as this news report.

When are police allowed to use force? 

Police officers can only use force in certain situations when doing so is necessary to defend themselves or protect the public by diffusing a violent situation. When an officer does use an excessive or unnecessary amount of force, they can be investigated by their department, terminated from their position, sued by the victim, or even charged criminally. 

Obviously, situations like domestic violence or hurting a person who poses no threat of violence do not fall under the category of acceptable uses of force. 

Taking action against violent police

When someone becomes a victim of violence caused by a police officer, it is important to contact their department. Their internal affairs division will investigate the complaint and decide what form of discipline is appropriate. It is also recommended to retain a lawyer and start the process to file a civil case against the officer responsible. This allows the victim to receive compensation for their injuries and other losses. 

Get help after an incident of police violence

There are attorneys available in Greenville and nearby parts of South Carolina who focus on filing police brutality lawsuits against irresponsible officers. The Hayes Law Firm, LLC provides superior legal services to local clients. 

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