Need to file a complaint against an Atlanta police officer but not sure how? Read on as we will explain what you need to do in order to get your complaint filed and have your voice heard.


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Anyone who has a complaint against an Atlanta, GA police officer has the right to file a complaint in an effort to voice their concerns.

There are many police officers who take on the role as a protector of their community who have good intentions and follows the rules they are required to abide by. You also have officers who, despite their level of commitment, take advantage of the power they hold and use it to mistreat citizens who may or may not be guilty of committing a crime. Now, if you recently encountered an officer of the law who fit the second description we provided and displayed inappropriate behavior you believe was a violation of his/her department’s policies, you need to know that you have the right to file a complaint against them.

The Atlanta Police Department states that all of the allegations of employee misconduct that are received are investigated and the department will take the appropriate disciplinary action once it is determined which “work rule or city ordinance [the officer] violated.” The department says that “every complaint, regardless of its nature, is appropriately investigated.” In order to file a complaint, you can either do so by contacting The Office of Professional Standards located at 950 Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, 404-546-5945, or you can file it online by clicking here.


Here are some things you need to know after your complaint has been filed.


Once you file your complaint, the Atlanta Police Department states that it will be placed into one of two categories,Priority I or Priority II. A Priority I category complaint includes “allegations of employee misconduct of a major nature that are usually investigated by the Office of Professional Standards.” In the event the department classifies it as a Priority II, meaning it didn’t involve a vehicular accident, discourtesy, or [another act of] lesser misconduct,” it will be investigated by the employee’s supervisor. After your complaint is placed into one of the following categories, you can expect the following process to unfold:


  1. The complaint is sent to the internal investigations Unit where it is:
  • Documented
  • Reviewed
  • Investigated
  • Recommendations or disposition are determined
  • Recommendations or discipline is given


  1. Final Disposition
  • It is either sustained or not sustained.
  • The officer is exonerated, meaning he is relieved from being held accountable for the accusations you have summited in your complaint.
  • The final disposition comes back as unfounded, meaning there is no foundation to your claim.
  • The complaint is deemed as exceptionally closed.


  1. Notification to Complainant

After your complaint has been thoroughly investigated by the Office of Professional Standards, you will receive “the official disposition of your complaint in writing via U.S. mail or email.” You might find that rather than fire the officer for engaging in the inappropriate behavior, the department employs other corrective actions including:

  • Having them undergo counseling.
  • Requiring them to participate in additional training.
  • Request that they participate in a psychological intervention
  • Participate in a substance abuse program


Atlanta, GA police brutality lawyers

If an Atlanta, GA police officer mistreated you and you are looking to seek justice for the pain and suffering they have caused you, you need to speak with an experienced GA police brutality attorney right away.

Now, don’t be surprised to find that the outcome of the complaint is different than what you had hoped for. The fact is, police departments aren’t likely to fire an employee over a complaint, which may be what you have wanted, which means you may need to go a step further and contact a police brutality lawyer given the nature of the complaint was much more serious. If an Atlanta, GA police officer assaulted you, harassed you, or engaged in similar behavior that harmed you physically or psychologically and your complaint to the department wasn’t handled properly, don’t wait to contact an Atlanta, GA police misconduct lawyer. can place you in touch with an experienced attorney who will be more than willing to explore what options are available to you and help you take the necessary steps to hold the officer liable for their behavior.

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