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Need Legal Representation for a Police Brutality Case in Georgia? We are Here to Assist

Law enforcement officers are well trained professionals who serve and protect us and the communities that we live in. They often selflessly put their own lives at risk in order to protect ours. Considering their duties, they are vested with some powers to be able to carry out all aspects of their job effectively.

However, some individuals may abuse this power or misuse it. Police misconduct and police brutality is an unfortunate reality across America and Georgia is no different.

If you have been treated poorly by the police then you need to say something about it. That is your civic duty. Police officers have tough jobs but they are paid for it and they should not treat you as if this is Venezuela or Nigeria. has the legal pros to help you make a case out of this. Our attorneys know this domain and know how to strike back at police misbehavior. Legal help is right around the virtual corner.

The different types of police misconduct

Police misconduct is a multi-faceted issue and can manifest or transpire in several different ways. The bottom line is that we all have certain rights and freedoms during our interactions with law enforcement officers thanks to the constitution.

If any of these rights were violated by a law enforcement officer then it constitutes police misconduct. Having said that, some of the most common types of police misconduct are as follows:

  • Use of excessive force – Many times law enforcement personnel physically assault victims prior or during the arrest for no good reason. There have been far too many incidents which have even be caught on camera and televised where police officers tackle, body slam, beat and kick suspects for no good reason even when they are complying and cooperating. This is known as police brutality or use of excessive force.
  • Wrongful arrest – Unlawfully arresting a person when the arresting officer does not have any sound reasonable suspicion or probable cause or an arrest warrant is known as wrongful arrest and it is a common type of police misconduct.
  • Racial bias – Treating a suspect differently simply based on the color of his or her skin is discrimination and when a law enforcement officer does this, it constitutes racial profiling. Unfortunately such incidents happen very often.
  • Corruption – Law enforcement officers sometimes accept money or favors in order let someone off the hook. They do this for financial advancement or personal gain. Needless to say, it is illegal and it is considered a type of police misconduct.
  • Planting evidence – Law enforcement officers are under tremendous pressure to make arrests and they even have certain targets to meet. Sometimes, just to reach their targets, law enforcement officers resort to illegal and unethical techniques such as planting evidence or coercing confessions forcefully, etc.
  • Surveillance abuse – Use of surveillance technology can be misused by those that have access to it for personal reasons. Spying, phone tapping, etc. if not within the scope of the case or investigation in hand is considered surveillance abuse.

Turn the corner today!

If you or someone you know has been manhandled and subjected to unfair treatment by law enforcement, then you might be a victim of police misconduct. You can take legal action against the perpetrators and even receive financial compensation for your damages. However, you need a sagacious and committed Georgia police brutality lawyer by your side.

At, you can find just the right legal pro to fight your case. This is possible with a few simple clicks on the interactive map on or site or a quick search of the local lawyers’ directory on our home page. Both these tools will fetch a list of contact details of the leading legal experts in your county or neighborhood. You can call them up right away and schedule a free initial consultation.

If you encounter any issues during the process, don’t hesitate to ping one of our knowledgeable agents via the live chat forum. Send them your contract information. You can also complete the quick contact form so we can also call you back and help you secure the legal representative you need.

Let’s not stand for this type of behavior. And let’s do something about it!


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