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While there are plenty of Fort Myers police officers out doing their jobs and protecting the community, there are also those that intentionally violate the rights of the citizens they come in contact with.

The Fort Myers Police Department prides itself on serving and protecting citizens of the City. Most of the department’s officers work “tirelessly to build strong partnerships with residents, business owners, community leaders, and visitors.” Despite how committed many officers are to keeping the City of Fort Myers safe, there are some that intentionally commit crimes causing the gap between officers and the community to widen.

While it is evident that there are a number of officers who are out performing their duties to the best of their ability while also respecting the citizens and suspects they come in contact with, there are plenty of those that don’t. These officers who fail to comply with department policies and violate the Constitutional rights of citizens are why Fort Myers police brutality lawyers are frequently called upon for their services.

When should I hire a Fort Myers police brutality attorney?

 If you had a recent encounter with a Fort Myers, FL police officer that was unpleasant and you feel that one or more of your rights were violated, you should discuss the incident with a police brutality lawyer who can determine whether or not you have a case and if it is worth pursuing. While some encounters with an officer can be addressed by you filing a complaint with the department directly, others may require a Fort Myers police brutality attorney to step in and help.

Now, if you’re wondering what types of incidents would require you to contact a lawyer, below are just a few examples of those our police brutality attorneys have experience with.


  1. A police officer applied excessive force during a routine traffic stop or another type of encounter. Police officers can apply force, that we know, but what they cannot do is apply a level of force that exceeds what would be considered reasonable given the circumstances. If an officer, shoved, hit, pushed, kicked, punched, or even placed you in a chokehold while you were complying with his or her demands, you may have a case of excessive force on your hands.

Important: Police departments do not permit their officers to apply excessive force so if you think you are a victim of this, you need to speak with a lawyer immediately.

  1. You were sexually assaulted by an officer.This includes being raped, touched inappropriately, groped, or fondled.
  2. A loved one was fatally shot by an officer. If your loved one was unarmed and did not pose as a threat to officers, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the officers and/or the department.
  3. An officer falsified their police report accusing you of committing a crime you did not do.
  4. You were wrongfully arrested.
  5. You are a victim of racial profiling.
  6. A police officer coerced you into giving a false confession.
  7. An officer stole your property.
police brutality law firms in Fort Myers, FL

USAttorneys.com can help you find a Fort Myers police brutality lawyer nearby to you who can help you determine what form of action should be taken based on the encounter you had with an officer.

You should keep in mind that these are just a few examples of the types of cases an attorney can handle and if you don’t see one that describes the experience you had, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contact a legal representative. Rather than assume your case is a minor one that can’t benefit from the help an attorney has to offer, it is recommended that you at least schedule an initial consultation with a police misconduct attorney in Fort Myers, FL who can assess your encounter.

If you would like to be connected with some of the best police brutality lawyers in the Fort Myers area, contact USAttorneys.com today for help.

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