Many police brutality cases begin with an arrest or verbal interaction that unexpectedly turns violent. As a general rule, police are only allowed to use enough force to detain a suspect, defend themselves, and keep the immediate area safe. However, instances of unnecessary violence are sometimes captured on incriminating video clips. Such footage shows unquestionable violations of use of force protocols, which a skilled attorney can use to make a winning argument for damages.

The Fort Lauderdale police were involved in an altercation with a man who they allege ran over an officer with his car.

Officers beat suspect after his car hit another cop

The police report states that the victim hit a uniformed officer who was on foot crossing Southwest 3rd Ave. Other officers allegedly tried to get the man to stop in his car after that accident. At some point after he refused to stop is when the filming begins. The video of the exchange shows officers approach the victim’s vehicle and attempt to smash the windows with their batons. After they eventually get the door of the car open, the victim is maced, pulled to the ground, choked, and beaten with batons. The officers issue verbal commands for him to stop resisting while other witnesses nearby are asking what he did and claim he never hit anyone. The department said that one officer’s hand was injured during this struggle.

The victim was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, failure to obey police, and resisting arrest with violence when he was booked into Broward County Main Jail. He also required medical treatment at a local hospital after his arrest. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department issued a statement that internal affairs was looking into the incident and asked for more information from witnesses. The victim has no prior criminal record, and his attorney and family believe the situation should be resolved favorably.

How can attorneys help victims in these kinds of situations?

Expert police brutality lawyers have the ability to file cases against the local department for excessive use of force and personal injuries. This is especially true in situations where the incident was captured on video and clearly shows the officers engaging in unnecessary violence with the victim.

The main reason to file a civil lawsuit against the department is to be compensated for injuries and related problems such as missed time from work. A settlement or winning verdict can force the police to pay for things like medical treatment, hospitalization, and lost wages related to the incident. Civil cases also allow a lawyer to argue for non-economic damages related to long-term trauma, emotional pain, and suffering.

How to choose an attorney

The listings on this site contain only lawyers who are licensed and in good standing in Florida. They are experienced in handling local police brutality cases and successfully helping clients through the process of a lawsuit and navigating the court system.

Get help from a local attorney today

There are lawyers available in the Fort Lauderdale area who can speak with you about an incident of police brutality. They will provide important information regarding how to proceed with your case.

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