A former Miami-Dade police officer has been formally charged with battery after an incident unfolded outside of a strip club in Miami Gardens back in January. NBC News says Jordy Yanes Martel, 30, was working off-duty as a security guard for a strip club when the manager of the club asked him to issue Safiya Satchell, 33, a trespassing warning. Apparently, Satchell was unhappy with the service she received and before leaving the club, she threw a tip at a server.

The club manager wanted the trespassing warning issued so that if Satchell decided to return to the club, she would be considered trespassing.

After Satchell left the building and got into her Mercedes, Martel was seen in the body cam footage that was recently released standing by the woman’s vehicle and asking her to walk over to his vehicle so that he could write up the warning. Satchell asked if she could drive to the vehicle because she had already taken off her shoes. The officer then tells the woman that she can either walk or that he would get her out of the car. Satchell then tells Martel that her father is a police officer and he responds with “I don’t care about that.”

Satchell is then heard telling the officer “pull me out of the car” and Martel is seen reaching into the woman’s vehicle. The former officer eventually gets the woman out of the car and uses a “leg sweep” to get her on the ground. The video, which was being recorded by Raheam Staats-Fleming, then shows Martel kneeling on the woman’s neck. He then hits her with a stun gun twice and Satchell can be heard screaming out in pain.

The woman was later checked out by paramedics at the scene and booked at a local police station. The charges that were initially filed against her were later dropped.


Miami Officer Fired and Charged with Battery


After the incident occurred, Martel was terminated from the department and is now facing four counts of official misconduct and two counts of battery. NBC News says the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s arrest affidavit says, “Martel lied on his arrest report, had no reason to arrest Satchell, didn’t inform her she was being arrested, and used excessive force.”


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