A number of incidents show how routine verbal interactions, execution of warrants, traffic stops, and other common duties of police officers result in deaths. Polk County Florida has experienced problems in this regard like many other places in the country.

A Polk County incident resulted in a man who was going to be investigated and arrested being killed in his own house. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office had two undercover deputies investigating illegal child pornography that was downloaded at the victim’s house. One of the suspects was beginning to surrender to police to be taken into custody, when he suddenly became hysterical and violent. Deputy Trent Medley opened fire on the man while he was allegedly beating his female partner and reaching for her gun. By the time medical personnel arrived the suspect was already dead with at least three bullet wounds. The Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd had spoken with the media about the fatal episode and stated more information would be released as the incident was investigated further.

When Violence becomes Normal

At many police departments around the country, there seems to be a culture of tolerance toward actions that result in the deaths of either innocent people or suspects in criminal investigations. Police seem to have a mentality of protecting their own rather than the public in some instances.

All departments have a group of employees who work in internal affairs, which investigates and punishes police misconduct and use of force. However, anyone who has ever seen any of these records knows that most claims are not sustained and punishments given to officers tend to be very minor. It is within this climate that officers can simply stop caring about public safety and continue to harm people with their actions. The stories about incidents that are released to the media are often the version most favorable to the police and there is usually an allegation that the victim had a weapon on them, which may or may not have been true at the time. It can become difficult to determine what actually occurred without a witness or video of the event. Those who have been killed by the hands of police officers have a difficult time receiving any measure of justice.

Lawsuits against the Police

Considering these factors, there really is not much an average person can do after being mistreated by cops other than call a lawyer and file a civil lawsuit. A monetary award from a judgment or settlement is the best possible outcome for victims of police brutality. In cases involving fatalities, a victim’s family can make a claim for all of the person’s potential future earnings as well as other factors related to their value to their loved ones. This is really the only option.

Speak with a Lawyer about Police Misconduct

If the police have been involved in a fatal accident involving one of your friends or family members, get help from an attorney as soon as possible. A lawsuit against the officer and their department sends a powerful message that there are consequences for killing citizens. Monetary judgments in cases involving death also tend to be larger than those involving only injuries or mistreatment.

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