police brutality attorneys in Collier County, FL

Many cases of police brutality go unrecognized but they don’t have to. When you choose to retain a police misconduct attorney to help you combat a police officer’s inappropriate behavior, it helps shed light on the issue and obtain justice for your suffering.

Many police officers in the state of Florida are guilty of engaging in behavior that would be considered a form of misconduct or a Constitutional violation on a daily basis, although most of it goes unrecognized and is never brought to light for the public to hear about. Why? Because police are able to use their power along with their knowledge of the law to take advantage of individuals who are unaware of their rights or are unable to retain a FL criminal defense attorney who can defend them. However, just because police have gotten away with misconduct in the past and continue to engage in acts that harm individuals both physically and psychologically, it doesn’t mean something cannot be done.


It can, and it starts with hiring a Collier County, FL police brutality lawyer to combat this behavior.


There are many ways in which police officers violate the law and a police brutality attorney is one expert who can help you hold them accountable when they do. While some acts might only lead to an officer being reprimanded by his/her department and having to spend a few days or weeks on suspension, there are other forms of misconduct that can lead to an officer being prosecuted. Some examples The United States Department of Justice highlights that would constitute as viable grounds to prosecute a police officer include:

police brutality attorney in Collier County, FL

If you were arrested in Collier County, FL and the detaining officer had no valid evidence or probable cause to make the arrest, consider speaking with a FL police brutality attorney who can help you defend your rights.

  • When they apply excessive force, which is an amount of force that exceeds what an officer deems to be necessary for the situation that they are in.
  • They engage in acts of sexual misconduct.
  • They steal from suspects or even their department.
  • They make false arrests.
  • They deliberately disregard the serious medical needs or a substantial risk of harm to a person in their custody. Police have become notorious for detaining individuals and ignoring their medical needs which not only results in injuries but also death.
  • They attempt to prevent a victim or witnesses from reporting the misconduct.
  • They lie to federal, state, or local officials during the course of an investigation into the potential misconduct.
  • They write false reports to conceal misconduct.
  • They fabricate evidence.


Not only are police officers guilty of engaging in one or more of the acts mentioned above, but also jailers, correctional officers, probation officers, and other state or local law enforcement officials.


Now, if you are the victim of police misconduct and either an officer, correctional officer, probation officer, or jailer, is guilty of inflicting harm upon you, contact USAttorneys.com so that you can get connected with a lawyer who can help get him/her prosecuted for their illegal behavior. The fact is, recognizing an officer of the law for misconduct is hard enough and prosecuting them for their inappropriate and unethical behavior is an even more difficult task to pull off. That is why you will need an attorney who has experience in handling police brutality cases in Collier County, FL working by your side and helping you defend your rights.

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