Police officers all around the country make arrests each and every day as it is their duty to identify and detain individuals who are not abiding by the law. Although some officers are required to apply force during an arrest when a suspect becomes noncompliant, there are times when an officer’s actions exceed the level of force they should be applying. This is often referred to as excessive force.


 What is excessive force?


police brutality attorneys in San Hernando County, FL

Officers who apply excessive force during an arrest should be recognized for their misconduct. Speak with a skilled police brutality lawyer in FL to find out how.

According to Cornell Law School, “excessive force refers to force in excess of what a police officer reasonably believes is necessary.” For example, if an officer was detaining an individual for drug possession and the suspect was obeying their commands yet the officer violently cuffed them, threw them to the ground, and tasered them, the amount of force they applied clearly exceeds what is necessary in this particular circumstance. The fact that the suspect was in full compliance and not resisting or being combative shows there is no need to taser them nor be thrown forcefully to the ground.


Unfortunately, officers of the law frequently abuse their rights and power and become violent during an arrest or even a casual encounter with an individual because they know the likelihood of them being recognized for their misconduct is slim.


How should an officer of the law conduct themselves during an arrest?


According to Florida Statute §776.05, a law enforcement officer can use force when making an arrest when:


  • He/she reasonably believes it is necessary to defend himself or herself or another from bodily harm while making the arrest.
  • They are detaining a felon who has escaped.
  • When a felon is fleeing from justice.


Now, if an officer of the law violently arrested you causing you to suffer from physical and/or psychological injuries and you believe the level of force that was applied was beyond what you believe to be reasonable, you should consider contacting a police brutality attorney in Hernando County, FL.


How can a Hernando County, FL police brutality attorney help me if I was violently arrested?


police brutality attorneys in Hernando County, FL

Ready to exercise your rights and hold an officer of the law accountable for the pain and suffering they have caused you? Let USAttorneys.com find you a lawyer in your city who is prepared to help you.

The attorneys USAttorneys.com works with understand the laws that govern police officers along with what your rights are as a citizen. They can review the details of your matter and determine if the arresting officer was out of line. If it is determined that the violent arrest violated your constitutional rights and the harm imposed upon you could have been avoided had the officer followed the rules and procedures they are required to abide by, you could potentially recover compensation for the damages they caused you to suffer from.

Although it can be intimidating to recognize an officer for their unlawful behavior, when you have an experienced Hernando County, FL police brutality attorney working on your side, you need not to worry as they will have your best interest in mind and will fight to defend your rights. To get connected with a lawyer in your area now, simply contact USAttorneys.com and you will receive assistance with locating an attorney who is readily available to help you.

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