The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was first founded in early 1920 by Roger Baldwin. The very purpose of the ACLU is to make sure that the government values the laws and rights which were fought for in the past. Specifically, they work to protect those laws which shield individuals from having their basic human rights violated. The ACLU works to defend and fight for the rights of all individuals across America. Fighting against police brutality is one of the important areas they cover.

The ACLU contributes to protecting the constitution through:

  • Collecting funds to help fight against justice
  • Educating the community about their legal rights
  • Educated the public about how they should respond to acts of police brutality
  • Organizing peaceful protests to help initiate change

ACLU police brutality footage used as evidence in a court case

In 2011, the ACLU collected a montage of footage depicting acts of police brutality. This montage was actually used in a real court case to help an individual who had been abused by an officer prove that the officer had, indeed, acted violently toward them. This incident goes to show that the efforts put forward by the ACLU are proving useful to help fight cases of police brutality across the USA.

Do I report police brutality to the ACLU?

If anyone has been subjected to a case of police brutality then they need to communicate with a lawyer who specializes in police brutality. The ACLU works to fight against police brutality by raising awareness and funding events and in some cases through funding trials. The ACLU generally does not deal with emergency reports of abuse.

However, if a person has been hurt by a police officer and the case is not urgent they can definitely report it to the ACLU of Florida by using their online form. Since the ACLU has limited resources and they are not a government agency they can only offer legal assistance for a fraction of the complaints they receive.

If a person wants to take legal action for a personal incident in which they were abused by a police officer then they should definitely call in a police brutality attorney first.

A police brutality attorney can help:

  • File the complaint in the right places
  • Educate a person on their rights
  • Help a person take legal action
  • Collect evidence and witnesses for a trial
  • Take care of all of the legalities regarding their police brutality case

Police officers may hold a lot of authority and they may have qualified immunity against most court cases, however, they are not above the law. A police officer can be penalized for their actions and how severely they are penalized depends specifically on how much damage they caused to their victim.

If a person has suffered broken bones, hospital bills, missed days of work, or any other significant problem because of an encounter with a police officer then they need to step up and speak out against what happened to them so that the offending officer does not act up again.

In order to keep the streets of Tampa, Florida as safe as possible it is vital that the police force be free of injustice as they act under color of law.  It is important to get in touch with a legal professional to help decrease acts of police brutality.






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