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Officers are required to protect citizen rights even if that means reporting a fellow officer who has engaged in an act of misconduct.

Police officers in Sarasota County, FL are expected to protect and serve their communities by reducing the crime rate and protecting individuals who are at risk of being harmed. One of the responsibilities of police officers aside from ensuring that community members adhere to the laws is that officers themselves follow them as well. While you would expect that police officers would be the first to follow the laws set forth as they are responsible for reprimanding anyone who violates them, they too are often guilty of breaking them.

When an officer of the law is observed violating one or more laws or policies, the officer who witnessed the misconduct is expected to report the incident to their immediate supervisor [Source: Florida Department of Law Enforcement]. That supervisor should forward the information to the Chief of Police. In the event the misconduct was displayed by a supervisor, then the witnessing officer should report the act to their supervisor’s supervisor. Now, because there are some officers who are corrupt or wish not to involve themselves in such a matter, many cases of misconduct are brushed under the rug and many citizen’s experience a violation of their Constitutional rights.


What happens when an officer who witnessed an act of misconduct fails to report it?


Let’s say you were pulled over for a minor traffic violation and during the time of the stop, the officer who pulled you over began harassing you. Not only did he make you get out of your vehicle and conduct an unlawful search of it, but he was verbally abusive toward you and arrested you for a crime you didn’t commit. As for the other officers who responded to the call, they were present while the misconduct was occurring and never did they intervene or remind the officer that he was out of line.

Those officers who witnessed the act are expected to report it, however, if they fail to do so, they risk being recognized for not taking the necessary steps to protect your rights or recognizing an officer for his inappropriate behavior. Sometimes, when a witness to police misconduct fails to report the act, they risk being placed on administrative leave and other times, it could result in them being named in a lawsuit if the victim of the misconduct chooses to pursue legal recourse.

Sarasota County, FL police brutality lawyers nearby

A FL police brutality lawyer can help defend your Constitutional rights if they were violated by a police officer in Sarasota County, FL.

Now, if you or someone you know was mistreated by a police officer in Sarasota County, FL and you are looking to hold the officer along with any witnesses accountable, you will want to retain a Sarasota County, FL police brutality attorney. Having an attorney who is knowledgeable in this field of law is essential to have as they can provide you with advice, guidance, and a chance at obtaining the justice you deserve.


With that said, if you wish to consult with a police brutality lawyer who can explain in depth the steps you will need to take to hold the officer and witnesses liable for the suffering they have caused you, contact USAttorneys.com today.

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