Levy County, FL police misconduct lawyer

if you witnessed a Levy County, FL police officer mistreat your loved one, speak up and help them seek justice for the mistreatment that has been inflicted upon them.

Watching a relative suffer from mistreatment inflicted by a Levy County, FL police officer is difficult to do especially because you can’t defend them or help them in any way without putting yourself at risk of being arrested or harmed as well. Although you may not have been able to help them at the time the misconduct occurred, there is something you can do now. You can help them find and retain a police brutality lawyer in Levy County, FL who has experience with handling these types of matters and will know exactly what steps to take to address the issue.


What can a police brutality attorney do for my loved one who was mistreated by a Levy County, FL officer?


If you want to be sure something is done about the incident that left your loved one harmed or injured, you will need an experienced lawyer working on your side.


The sad reality is that police officers are rarely acknowledged for engaging in acts of misconduct. In fact, they are “rarely prosecuted for shootings” says Vox. Some of the reasons why this stands true is because (1) victims of police brutality choose not to hire a lawyer and (2) “there is a tendency to believe an officer over a civilian,” according to one civil rights lawyer. Between the lack of legal representation and the standard officers are held to, it can sometimes be impossible to hold an officer of law accountable even when it is clear they violated one or more laws and/or policies.

However, when you do decide to hire a lawyer to represent you in a case that stems from police brutality, you increase your chances of holding an officer and even their department liable for the pain and suffering they have inflicted upon your loved one. Here are some of the things you can expect your lawyer to do:


  1. Conduct a thorough investigation into the matter and gather all the evidence needed to help you and your loved one build a solid case.


  1. Determine which laws or policies the officer violated.


  1. File a personal injury lawsuit if the officer’s actions led to your loved one suffering from physical or psychological injuries. Although police officers are hardly ever prosecuted for misconduct, that doesn’t restrict you from filing a lawsuit against him/her and their department. When you choose to file suit for police brutality, you can demand that compensation be paid to make up for your losses. Sometimes, police departments will settle with a victim before their case ever makes it to trial to help reduce the chances of it being publicly recognized for alleged misconduct. On the other hand, some departments won’t be as willing to settle which means you might have to take your case to court. Either way, you need to be represented by a Levy County, FL police brutality attorney.


Levy County, FL police brutality attorneys

It is time you let one of our FL police brutality attorneys help you collect the necessary evidence that can be used to hold an officer of the law accountable for their ill behavior.

Now that you are aware of some of the benefits of hiring an attorney, consider contacting USAttorneys.com so that you can be placed in touch with a local lawyer in your area. Even if you aren’t ready to hire a legal expert, it can still be beneficial for you to schedule an initial consultation on your relative’s behalf so you can become more informed on what your loved one’s rights are and whether they have a viable case on their hands.

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