Fort Myers, FL police department

Did a Fort Myers police officer violate your rights? Speak with a police brutality attorney today to find out how you can combat police misconduct.

From wrongful arrests to violating an individual’s Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights, the Fort Myers Police Department has been recognized for officer misconduct as well as corruption within the department for years. In fact, Fort Myers has gained the spotlight so many times for the unlawful practices the city’s police department is known for engaging in that the city paid $150,000 to the Freeh Group International Solutions Inc. to audit the department. After the audit was completed, the findings only confirmed the many allegations that were made against the agency and its officers.

The Freeh Group released a report that highlighted their findings and “detailed deep-seated issues within the police department, including cronyism, ineffective leadership, corruption, and limited resources” that have all contributed to “damaging the agency’s reputation and hindered its ability to solve crimes” [Source: Wink News]. To make matters worse, Fort Myers officers wrongfully arrested an NFL player around the same time for masturbating in front of a 16-year-old girl and was detained for more than five hours despite the fact that the “department cannot hold someone for a misdemeanor that was not observed by an officer” [Source:Wink News].

During that police stop, the football player, who was identified as Nate Allen, was told he had exposed himself to a minor followed by police searching him. Allen did hire an attorney after realizing his rights had been violated and that he was the victim of a wrongful arrest.

While it was expected that the Freeh Group’s report would help reduce police misconduct and corruption within the department, the truth is, there are stillindividuals being victimized by officers who fail to comply with their department’s policies as well as state and federal laws.


In the event you or someone you know was mistreated by a Fort Myers, FL police officer or your rights were violated during your encounter with an officer, you should consider speaking with a police brutality lawyer as soon as possible. works closely with some of the best police misconduct lawyers in the Fort Myer, FL area who are available to help you now.


What happens once I contact a police brutality lawyer?


Once you retain an attorney, a number of things can occur. For starters, your lawyer may want to conduct an investigation of their own to determine the following:


  • What rules/policies the officer broke?
  • What laws they failed to abide by.
  • Which Constitutional rights they violated.


police brutality attorneys in Fort Myers, FL can help you locate a reputable police brutality lawyer in Fort Myers who can help you file a lawsuit against the officer and even the department in which they work for.

Once this is determined, they then have a solid foundation for your case and can work to determine how this misconduct has impacted your life and whether you are entitled to recover compensation as a form of relief for the abuse you have been subjected to. If your attorney is has found that you have grounds to file suit, he/she will be able to help you take the necessary steps to do so. Aside from filing a lawsuit in an effort to recover compensation, a police misconduct lawyer can also help you file a complaint against an officer with their department.

So, if you are ready to discuss your matter with a lawyer and find out how much your case might be worth, contact as soon as possible.

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