The city of Hialeah is a suburb in the west part of the Miami metro area and one of the largest towns in the state of Florida. This densely populated suburban area has also had a number of noteworthy incidents of police misconduct over the years. One of the more controversial practices of many departments has been the excessive use of tasers. Some incidents where tasers have been deployed have resulted in people dying for unexplained or dubious reasons.

Man dies after police use tasers and pepper spray

The Hialeah Police received a 911 call about a man entering people’s backyards and attempting to beat their dogs with a pipe near the intersections of East 7th Ave and 24th Street. When the officers arrived on the scene they were able catch the man and take him into custody after a short chase. The officers also allege that the man was violently resisting them as he was being detained. Over the course of their struggles, the man was subjected to physical violence from the officers along with pepper spray and shots from tasers. After being arrested, he was taken to a local hospital where his health began to deteriorate over the next several hours. He eventually died that night. A toxicology report showed that the victim had marijuana in his system, but he was only 27 years old and otherwise in good health. As of now no official cause of death has been disclosed or reported by the hospital’s medical staff.

His family is now seeking answers about the specifics of what the police did to him that day in the hours before his death.

Rights of those injured by tasers

When a police taser causes serious injury or death, there are a number of claims that a lawyer can file. Most police actions that cause unnecessary harm can be handled as excessive use of force cases. There are relevant federal laws which protect members of the public from having their civil rights violated by the police or any other government employee. These laws essentially say that any actions that fall outside of a government employee’s responsibilities and cause damages need to be compensated.

There are also civil cases which cover more general incidents of negligence and wrongful death. If it is discovered that any improper police actions caused or contributed to a person’s death or injury, the department can be made to pay for the consequences of their officers’ actions.

In all of these situations, the amount of compensation a victim or family can receive usually depends on the severity of the resulting injuries and the level of deviation from proper police procedures.

Regardless of what kind of claim is filed, it is also important to make sure a lawyer who specializes in lawsuits against the police handles a case involving excessive use of force. Departments tend to defend their own officers even at the expense of the public, and it can become difficult to get them to disclose all of the relevant information about an incident. Only a tenacious lawyer who knows how to navigate the procedures involved in filing a police brutality case can find all of the information they need to win a judgment or settlement.

Speak with a lawyer today

There are lawyers who serve Hialeah and other parts of South Florida available to take your case.  After a brief conversation they can give professional advice about how to proceed with a claim for excessive use of force or any other available actions under federal and state law.

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