After a person is abused by an officer or after a person has their rights violated by an officer in one way or the other then it is absolutely essential that they get in touch with a police brutality attorney, especially if they want to be compensated for what they suffered.

Police officers have something called ‘qualified immunity’ when it comes to being faced with lawsuits. Qualified immunity basically means that if a police officer arrests an individual or investigates an individual on the road that that individual generally cannot sue the police officer. However, this qualified immunity can be overcome and it is not a fixed rule that cannot be changed.

How can a lawyer help me win a court case against an officer?

It may be tricky to win court cases against police officers, but it definitely isn’t impossible, especially when a person has an experienced lawyer working with them.

Lawyers can help a person in many ways including:

  • Collecting evidence for the case
  • Educating a person on all of their rights
  • Figuring out which charges to lay on the officer
  • Taking care of all the legalities and paperwork
  • Reaching out to file complaints against the officer to relevant authorities
  • Helping a person minimize their charges if they are being convicted
  • Offering a person support throughout the entire process
  • Educating a person on how to speak while in court

The greatest benefit that a person gains from having a police brutality attorney in Orlando, Florida on their side is the experience and knowledge they can benefit from. Most attorneys have dealt with multiple cases of police brutality before and they know everything a person needs in order to win their case and in order to get compensated appropriately.

Apart from a lawyer, what can help me win my case?

Naturally, a person’s chances of winning their trail will correspond directly to how much damage they suffered and how much of the incident was the officer’s fault. However, even if a person suffered a lot at the hands of the officer, but they cannot prove it then the chances of them winning compensatory damage is very unlikely.

A lawyer can help a person out when it comes to collecting evidence and actually proving that the police officer caused physical harm and that the officer was responsible for the injuries a person received. Even if a person was partially responsible and they were trying to resist arrest or they were taking part in a misdemeanor crime, they still have their own rights and an officer is not allowed to physically abuse them.

The only case in which an officer is allowed to use excessive force is if the individual they are arresting is acting in a very threatening manner and there is a high risk of themselves or others in the area getting injured. Some good examples of evidence which a person may want to keep handy in the case of a court trial would include hospital records, video recordings, and photos of the injury when it was still fresh.

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