When a normal person violates the rights of an individual it is generally very easy to recognize the violation and report it accordingly. However, when a police officer is the one who violates a person’s rights, many individuals find themselves confused as to whether they should file a legal complaint with their attorney or not.

The truth is that police brutality is actually quite common in Lake City, Florida, and anyone who finds themselves in a situation where a police officer is clearly violating their rights should call a police brutality attorney to help them figure out what steps need to be taken next.

Police officers are granted immunity by the law, which means they are generally protected from facing lawsuits by those individuals who they arrest. However, this immunity can be challenged if enough evidence can be provided to prove that an officer violated the rights of the person who is making the claim.

What comes under police brutality?

Once a person gets in touch with their police brutality attorney, who specializes in dealing with cases of individuals who have been hurt wrongfully by police officers, their attorney will help them understand whether or not they are eligible to get compensated in court for the pain they suffered. Their attorney can also help clarify where and how they should file their complaints against the officer.

Some common reasons which may make a person’s case eligible for a court trial include:

  • If the police officer sexually assaults a person
  • If the police officer uses force to make the person obey them unnecessarily and against their will
  • If the police officer uses physical force without a valid reason
  • If the police officer causes a lot of physical harm to a person
  • If the police officer partakes in discrimination
  • If the police officer partakes in racial profiling

Anyone who is treated in this way by an officer has every right to take legal action against the officer. It is vital that everyone understands they have been granted many basic human rights which deserve to be honored and protected. Yes, the law does give officers a fair amount of room to behave as they please in order to get their job done properly and in order to protect society. However, if these officers are the ones who are causing fear to spread across society then the law will crack down on them and hold them accountable for their actions.

Why call a lawyer?

Police brutality cases can be slightly complicated because of the immunity which officers are granted. This immunity generally protects them from being sued by someone whom they confronted or arrested. A lawyer can help a person understand how their specific situation is viewed through a legal perspective. They can also educate a person on which of their rights were violated and take appropriate steps to ensure a quick response is received from the departments they are filing their complaints with.

The more harm a person faces by the officer, the more reason they have to contact an attorney to begin the litigation process.

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