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Police officers are not permitted to apply excessive force nor should they get away with violating your rights. If an officer of the law mistreated you in some way, it is time you connect with a police brutality lawyer in Fort Myers who can help you.

Every day, Fort Myers, FL police officers make contact with citizens, suspects, and criminals and every day, there is a good chance someone is victimized by a police officer who chooses to abuse his/her power rather than use it to benefit the community. From biased policing to using excessive force on people who aren’t looking to fight back against some of the most powerful people on the street, police misconduct is happening all around us taking many forms. So, what can be done about it?

Well, although it is neverrecommended that you disobey officer commands or become combative or argumentative during an encounter with an officer as this will only increase the chances of you being physically harmed, harassed, or wrongfully arrested, you can take action after the fact. And you will want to retain a police brutality lawyer in Fort Myers, FL to help you do this.The fact is, it is against the law and the department’s policies for officers to engage in behavior that violates individuals’ Constitutional rights, but many police officers disregard these laws and rules they know they are required to abide by and continue to mistreat those they come in contact with.

Now, although it can be difficult to get an officer of the law recognized for his or her uncouth and even illegal behavior, it isn’t impossible when you equip yourself with the right tools to do so. So, how do you do this? It starts with hiring an experienced lawyer who has been trained to handle police brutality cases, both minor and serious in nature. Now, finding the right police misconduct attorney in the city of Fort Myers, FL can be tricky as there are some legal representatives who claim to be experts in this field law but aren’t quite prepared to handle cases of this sort.


Going up against a police officer or even an entire department isn’t going to be easy and it might even be a little frightening for you which is why you need a legal expert that is aggressive and ready to “fight” in the courtroom.


Where can I find a lawyer who is skilled in police brutality law?




At USAttorneys.com, we help victims of police brutality as well as their families fight back against officers who have caused a person and/or their loved ones to suffer from physical and emotional pain. We will connect you with the best police brutality lawyer in the city of Fort Myers, FLwho will provide you with the legal assistance and advice you need right now.


What types of cases can a Fort Myers, FL police brutality lawyer help me with?


The attorneys we can connect you with can lend their legal expertise in any of the following types of cases:


  • If an officer conducted an illegal search of you, your vehicle, or your home. Whether this led to you being criminally charged or not, your Fourth Amendment rights were still violated, and legal action is validated.


  • A loved one of yours was fatally wounded by an officer’s firearm. While some police shootings are justified, there are a number of those that are recorded that involved an officer shooting an unarmed suspect. Did you know that in 2017, 986 people were fatally shot by law enforcement officers and in 2018, 992 people were killed by a police officer’s firearm [Source: The Washington Post]? If your loved one was killed by a Fort Myers, FL police officer and you believe there was no need for him or her to apply deadly force, you may have a viable case on your hands.


  • An officer became physically violent toward you during a routine traffic stop which led to you suffering injuries.


police brutality law firms in Fort Myers, FL

If you need to speak with a qualified police brutality attorney in Fort Myers, FL contact USAttorneys.com today.

These are only some of the types of cases our attorneys are equipped to handle so to find out if they can help you with yours, contact USAttorneys.com today. Whether an officer was verbally abusive toward you, harassed you, or you believe he or she violated one or more of your rights, we are here to help you find a lawyer near you who is ready and prepared to assist you.

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