Wakulla County is in the Florida panhandle and it is part of the Tallahassee metro area. The main body of law enforcement for the county is the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office. In this county and elsewhere in the state, relations between the police and public are not always perfect.

One of the more controversial practices within the state of Florida involves the use of force with tasers to subdue suspects. Tasers are known to cause injury and death, and the amount of people who have been killed by tasers has increased sharply in the last decade.

Cases involving the use of tasers in Florida

There have been a number of large settlements in recent years because of police deploying their tasers around the state. One noteworthy case in Cedar Key resulted in a settlement of over $500,000 to an injured man. These incidents have become so widespread that training for officers has also changed because of their consistent misuse and ability to cause injuries while detaining suspects.

If an officer has deployed a taser on you or used any kind of force, there are some actions that can be taken.

Preserve any proof of the incident

It is easier than ever to record events with phones or take pictures. Retaining the contact information of any witnesses who actually saw the police misconduct as it was happening is also helpful, as they could possibly be called to testify at trial or be brought into an office for a deposition.

Use your judgment

If an incident involving the police did not seem to be handled appropriately, there was likely some level of misconduct involved. Police are law enforcement professionals who are held to certain standards of behavior and conduct just like teachers, doctors, and other important jobs. Their ability to use force is limited by a protocol that allows them to prevent damage to people and property nearby or stop fleeing suspects.

Follow your lawyer’s instructions

Lawyers will tell you some specific things regarding your individual case, and it is important to follow their advice exactly. The process for a lawsuit involving a police officer and their department will depend on the specifics of how you were harmed. These differences are crucial to your individual case because a lawyer often cannot proceed without the right information and actions from their clients. Being as cooperative as possible will help get the best result for you, including the largest sum of money.

How to get legal help

After an incident involving police misconduct, it is possible to contact the department directly. Their investigative process may not result in any action against the officer. However, anyone who wants to be compensated for being harmed by the police needs to retain a lawyer who can file a complaint with the civil court system on your behalf.

For help with filing a lawsuit related to police misconduct in Wakulla County Florida and surrounding areas, contact an experienced attorney now. A lawyer who has handled these kinds of cases in the past can give you specific advice about how exactly to proceed and what information they will need to move forward with your lawsuit.

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