According to Cable News Network (CNN) over 1200 cases of sex-related crimes were reported against police officers between 2005-2013. This number is alarmingly high and the scary factor is that this number is probably a lot higher in reality.

There are probably hundreds or even thousands of other cases of sexual assault by police officers which go unreported. Most people fear filing a report against a police officer because of the authority and respect officers are given by the law. Individuals fear that their voices will not be heard, and many of them even feel like they may have deserved the treatment they got as a punishment, especially if they were abused while being arrested for committing a crime.

What can be done to prevent sexual harassment by police officers?

Seattle Police Chief, Norm Stamper stated that police departments across the United States would be able to greatly reduce the number of sexual harassment cases occurring if they implement the following rules:

  • Create anonymous reporting systems so victims would be able to file their complaint without fear of any form of liability or retaliation
  • Not allowing officers who were fired from other departments be rehired in another department
  • Tracking officer’s routines, and patterns to see which category of people they seem to be stopping more regularly
  • Making it mandatory to have body cameras on during certain hours

If the above rules were put into action it would make it a lot harder for officers to commit and get away with committing sex-related crimes.

What should I do if I have been sexually harassed by an officer?

Facing sexual harassment can be quite traumatic, and even more so when the abuse comes from an officer who is supposed to be acting under color of law. It can be easy to lose faith in the justice system when a person is put in a situation like this, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Getting in touch with a police brutality attorney in Jacksonville, Florida is the best step a person can take in order to strengthen their belief in the justice system again after they experience an incident of this caliber.

An attorney in Jacksonville, FL can give a person the support, advice, and knowledge they need to go forward with legal complaints against the officer so they can get back on their feet and move on with their life again. Sometimes, just knowing that the person who caused one to suffer is being questioned and penalized for their crime is enough for the victim to be able to breathe a sigh of relief and start proceeding forward with their life again. However, if the abuse of the officer was very intense and it caused devastating side effects or personal injury, a person will most likely be able to pursue legal action against the officer and seek compensation as well for what was done to them.

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