Recent statistics revealed in the Miami News Time show that nearly 71 individuals are killed by police officers on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, many of these deaths are unnecessary and could have easily been avoided if the police officer had chosen to slow down and take less extreme measures. Jacksonville, Florida has seen many cases of these deaths caused by police officers using deadly arms as well. Specifically, 6 individuals were killed in Jacksonville because a police officer either shot them or used a taser against them until they died.

Yes, it is true that officers have a very dangerous job and they can often get carried away with their jobs due to the high levels of stress and adrenaline which they generally experience on a daily basis. However, that does not mean that the unjustified deaths caused by these officers should go unnoticed and uncompensated for.

What can I do if a police officer used excessive force against me?

If a person feels like an officer used unjustified force against them then they should definitely report it to the relevant authorities. When it comes to filing police reports a person can choose to complain to a variety of different bodies. First of all, they can file a complaint to the chief officer in their respective area. If they feel like they want to take things further they can file a complaint with the Department of Justice as well. However, in order to file these complaints, a person usually has to write down a detailed account of what actually occurred.

In order to make sure that a person does not leave out important details they should get in touch with a police brutality attorney in Jacksonville, Florida as soon as they possibly can. An attorney can help them file all the correct paperwork and pursue legal action if required as well.

Unfortunately, many individuals who were committing misdemeanor crimes like theft or something similar feel like a police officer might have the right to lash out on them when they are being arrested. However, this is very far from the truth. There have been many laws put forth in the Bill of Rights which help protect the basic rights of a person. Among these rights is the right to be safe from unnecessary search, seizure, and especially physical harassment from any other person-including police officers.

Of course, committing a crime should not be justified. However, if a police officer chooses to act unprofessionally while arresting someone and they choose to use excessive force on the suspect when the suspect is not being threatened in any way, then they have definitely crossed the line and they can be held to account for their actions legally. A criminal defense lawyer can help a person file a complaint and litigate in an appropriate manner depending on how severely the officer crossed the line with their acts of violence. The more harm a police officer causes, the more chances that a person will be able to win in a court case against them.

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