Citrus County Florida has had issues with individuals who were killed during police investigations. The surviving family members can bring lawsuits in these situations, although whether any money can be collected depends on the danger level of the particular situation and whether the use of deadly force can be justified by police.

Man shot by police in Citrus County for attacking pipeline equipment 

An incident that ended with a suspect being fatally shot occurred near Floral City in Citrus County Florida. Police from multiple departments including the Florida Highway Patrol had been chasing the man all the way from Marion County. He allegedly had a high power rifle and was attempting to shoot at some natural gas pipeline equipment at the beginning of the incident in Marion County before the chase started. The details at the end of the situation are unclear, but officers claimed there was a crash, and that the man engaged them while armed. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement subsequently placed all of the officers involved on administrative leave while the incident was investigated further.

Families of people who have been killed by police officers do have some options regarding how they can be repaid. In many instances, the crucial issue will be the level of danger involved in the situation and if the use of deadly force was really necessary. In cases like the one above, it can be difficult to imagine a scenario where preventing property damage would require the use of deadly force, but police are also give a lot of discretion while on duty to be able to restore peace during such times. Each case must be examined by a seasoned lawyer.

Wrongful death lawsuits

In civil lawsuits involving death, surviving spouses and children can file a lawsuit on the deceased person’s behalf to recover monetary damages. This is an area of tort law called a wrongful death action. These lawsuits can be filed against government entities including police departments by any licensed attorney in Florida.

The money that can be recovered is usually related to the amount the person would have earned from working for the rest of their life, as well as the value of certain services to their family. For example, in most cases the life of a younger person with a much longer potential future or someone with a high paying job is generally more valuable because the future losses are larger. There is also a separate category of damages for smaller amounts related to medical, funeral, and burial expenses at the time immediately before and after death. The specific way each person’s life is valued in wrongful death actions can be discussed with a lawyer who has years of experience filing these kinds of cases. If the case goes to trial, a jury will also have to make a number of different determinations based on the facts presented, which can affect the amounts paid out.

Call a Citrus County Lawyer for Help

If you are in Citrus County and you have experienced the horror of having a family member killed by the police, ask for help now. Local lawyers with experience in the Citrus County court system and wrongful death lawsuits are available to speak about your particular situation and any concerns you may have.


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