You do have the right to sue a police officer if they cause you to suffer from emotional distress. In fact, you even have the right to demand compensation be paid to you for the suffering they have caused you to endure. If you are interested in filing suit against an officer in Alachua County FL, read on below as we explain the steps you will need to do this.


police brutality lawyers in Alachua County, FL

When a police officer in Alachua County, FL is guilty of physically or emotionally harming an individual, they should face the repercussions for their actions.

Encounters with police officers are often unpredictable. Why? Because many police officers will take it upon themselves to violate the rights of the citizens they come in contact with simply because they know they can get away with it. You never know when an officer might attempt to accuse you of a crime you didn’t commit or claim they were in fear of their life and fire their weapon at you. Because officers have many rights, they are often guilty of abusing them which only results in innocent people being physically and emotionally harmed.

Now, if you recently came in contact with an officer in Alachua County, FL who humiliated you, shamed you, or embarrassed you causing you to have a “highly unpleasant emotional reaction,” you are permitted to file a lawsuit against the officer(s) who inflicted this harm upon you. To help you better understand what might constitute as viable grounds for filing suit, below is an example of a hypothetical encounter with an officer.

Suppose you are riding home one afternoon from work when you are pulled over by the police. The officers approach your vehicle aggressively accusing you of having drugs inside of it. They don’t have a warrant to search it nor do they have probable cause to conduct a search, however, they do. You are pulled out of your vehicle and handcuffed, left sitting on the side of the road as potential friends or coworkers might pass you by. The officers conduct a search and in the midst of doing so, destroy the inside of your vehicle. To no avail, they find nothing but they still take you in and file an arrest report. Not only were you left sitting on the side of the road humiliated, but you had to fight criminal charges for something you didn’t do.

As crazy as this might sound, there are plenty of instances where individuals are faced with similar circumstances where an officer of the law has abused their power and violated their own department’s policies and procedures. And because incidents like these are generally not reported or the department sweeps it under the rug, there are no consequences for the officer to serve.


But that ends now.


police brutality attorneys in Alachua County, FL

Don’t let fear or uncertainty get in the way of you obtaining the justice you deserve. Contact a police brutality attorney today who can help you recognize a police officer in Alachua County, FL for their inappropriate behavior.

If you are someone who suffered or is currently suffering from emotional distress and you want to stand up for your rights and hold an officer of the law accountable for their unlawful behavior, simply contact and let us connect you with an Alachua County, FL police brutality attorney. The lawyers we work with are highly qualified and experienced in handling police misconduct cases and are prepared to go to great lengths to ensure justice is served.

When you choose to hire an attorney, not only will you get the satisfaction of knowing you didn’t allow the officer to get away with their unjust behavior, but you also put yourself in a position to recover compensation for the suffering the officer has caused you, says the Cornell Law School. With that said, if you are ready to take legal action and obtain the justice you know you are entitled to and deserve, contact today.

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