police brutality lawyers in Largo, FL

Did a police officer in Largo, FL threaten you or subject you to other forms of mistreatment? If so, read on to find out what your next steps should be.

Being questioned by a police officer is scary enough, especially knowing that they can arrest you with or without probable cause. But being threatened by an officer of the law is even more frightening as you don’t know how far he/she is willing to go to get you to comply or force you to do something against your will. Unfortunately, police officers will use threat as a tactic during a traffic stop, while making an arrest, or even when speaking with a potential witness to a crime to get what they want from you or anyone else.

Some examples of police threats you might consider reporting include:


  • An officer threatening to physically harm you if you don’t comply with their commands.
  • An officer threatening to arrest you even if you didn’t commit a crime.
  • An officer threatening to rape or sexually assault you.
  • A police officer threatening to harm a family member if you don’t comply with their demands whether they are legitimate or unreasonable.


If a police officer in Largo, FL threatened you and you would like to file a complaint against him/her, you can do so by contacting theOffice of Professional Standards at 727-587-6772 or 727-587-6730 if you are filing your complaint after normal business hours[Source: City of Largo, FL]. You also have the option of notifying the Office of your unfortunate encounter with a police officer by sending an email to [email protected]. The Office of Professional Standards is not only responsible for investigating complaintsmade against officers in Largo, FLbut also for protecting their employeesfrom those that are considered to be frivolous. When a complaint is filed with the Office, the Lieutenant is responsible for conducting a fair and thorough investigation.


Do I need to hire a Largo, FL police brutality attorney?


police brutality lawyers in Largo, FL

A police brutality lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against an officer in Largo, FL in an effort to recover compensation for the suffering their misconduct has caused you.

Now, because most departments will back their officers even when they did engage in an act of misconduct, it is essential that you consult with a Largo, FL police brutality attorney as wellif you have been mistreated by a police officer. The FL police brutality lawyers at Trevena, Pontrello & Associates can assist you with getting your complaint filed and even help you file a lawsuit if you wish to recover compensation for damages the officer caused you to suffer from.

Because a large number of police misconduct cases are often swept under the rug, many officers are permitted to carry on with their duties only to go on and inflict harm on another individual. If you want to reduce the chances of this happening, then you will need to hire an aggressive lawyer who is qualified and prepared to defend your rights. If you would like to be connected with a lawyer in the Largo, FL area now who has experience with handling police brutality matters and a history in obtaining successful outcomes in their cases, contact Trevena, Pontrello & Associates today at 727-581-5813.


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