police brutality lawyers in Miami, FL

If you feel a police officer in Miami, FL behaved inappropriately and you wish to report them for their misconduct, you hold the right to do so.

Police officers are held to a certain standard given their role in the community and the authority they have. While they are expected to fight crime and ward off anyone looking to commit an offense, they must respect citizen rights in the process of doing so. Unfortunately, many police encounters often result in an individual being mistreated and/or disrespected by an officer who has made the cognitive decision to violate state laws and/or their department’s policies.

When a Miami police officer chooses to mistreat or disrespect a suspect or citizen they come in contact with, that person can file a complaint with the department in an effort to recognize the officer for their misconduct. For example, if an officer uses offensive or vulgar language when speaking to you or even during an arrest, you may wish to report them for the foul language they used so that their department is aware of how their officers are conducting themselves while out on the road.

In order to successfully file your complaint, we mentioned that you will need to contact the police department where the officer is employed and find out what their complaint process entails. Now, if the officer happens to be employed by the Miami-Dade Police Department or the Miami Gardens Police Department, you can read on below as we explain what steps you need to take in order to submit a complaint against an officer for misconduct.


Filing a complaint report against an officer employed by the Miami-Dade Police Department


In order to file a complaint with the Miami-Dade Police Department, you will need to write up a summary of what occurred. You should include pertinent details such as the date and time the incident occurred, the reason for why the officer made contact with you, what he/she said and be specific, and any other details you may consider to be important. You will then want to submit your complaint either by letter, email, or in person to the Professional Compliance Bureau which is located at:

18805 NW 27th Ave.
Miami Gardens, FL 33056

(305) 627-7100


After filing your complaint you find that it isn’t being taken seriously or handled accordingly, you can always contact a Miami, FL police brutality attorney. The reality is, if complaints aren’t handled appropriately and a victim of police misconduct accepts it, it only encourages officers to continue engaging in acts of misconduct which only puts other citizens at risk of being mistreated. With that said, if these are the current circumstances you are dealing with, contact USAttorneys.com and let us connect you with a local lawyer in your area who is qualified to provide you with the assistance you will need.


Filing a complaint with the Miami Gardens Police Department


If the officer is employed by the Miami Gardens Police Department, you can file your complaint with the Professional Compliance Unit located at:


18611 NW 27th Avenue
Miami Gardens, FL 33056

Telephone: (305) 474-1678

Fax: (305) 474-1529


police brutality attorneys in Miami, FL

Was a Miami, FL police officer rude or disrespectful toward you or a passenger in your vehicle? If so, you can contact a FL police misconduct lawyer who can help you file a complaint against him/her.

You can download their Citizen Complaint Form by clicking here and submit it in person, by mail, or to the following email address: [email protected]. You will need to include as much detail about the incident as possible and be sure to write down some of the words, phrases, etc. the officer used that you felt were rude and inappropriate.

Again, if you find that your complaint isn’t being properly handled or you feel the incident should be addressed in a more serious manner, contact one of our  who can explain what forms of action you should consider taking along with the steps you will need to follow.

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