police brutality lawyers in Pinellas County, FL

If a Pinellas County, FL officer has accused you of committing a crime and knowingly documented false information in their arrest report, it is time you hire a legal expert to represent you.

After a Pinellas County officer makes an arrest, they are required to write up a report that documents various details regarding the arrest and their encounter with the individual(s). For instance, the report should include the date and time of when the arrest was made, the laws that were violated which led to the suspect being arrested, and any other pertinent details such as evidence that supports their reasoning for detaining the individual. Aside from the fact that police reports serve as documentation that an arrest was actually made, they also play a crucial role in a criminal case as the information they contain helps determine what charges will be filed against a suspect.

Given the substantial impact a police report has on a case, it is important that everydetail that goes into the report is accurate. Unfortunately, not all police officers provide truthful statements when writing up their reports or include all of the details they are required to provide. In fact, some officers even falsify their reports just so their arrest appears to be valid. In 2018, a Florida City police officer was charged with two counts of official misconduct after an investigation determined that he had been falsifying reports [Source: Local 10 News]. While some officers fabricate their reports to cover up their own misconduct, others will provide inaccurate information so that they are able to take someone into custody and charge them with a crime.


What does the Law Enforcement Officer Ethical Standards of Conduct say about police falsifying their reports?


According to the Law Enforcement Officer Ethical Standards of Conduct, police officers:


  • Police officers “shall not knowingly make false accusations of any criminal ordinance, traffic or other law violation.”


  • Police officers “shall truthfully, completely and impartially report, testify and present evidence, including exculpatory evidence, in all matters of an official nature.”


If you or someone you know was charged with a crime in Pinellas County, FL and your arrest report contains inaccurate information, you need to contact a police brutality attorney today. Although you may run into some challenges when attempting to recognize an officer for their ill intentions to charge you with an offense, a police misconduct lawyer in Pinellas County, FL will know exactly how to approach the

police brutality lawyers in Pinellas County, FL

If you or a family member were arrested and charged with a crime you didn’t commit and the arrest report was falsified, you need to speak with an experienced Pinellas County, FL police brutality attorney today.

situation and work to get the matter corrected. Not only might a false police report lead to you having to serve time in jail, but you could be looking at having to pay fines, fees, and even serving time on probation if you are found guilty of the crime the officer has claimed you committed.


Is this something you are willing to allow happen? If you said no and want to preserve your right to freedom and from being wrongfully charged with a crime, you need to seek legal counsel right away.


If you would like to speak with a lawyer in your area now who can assess your case and determine how they can help you, contact USAttorneys.com so that you can get connected with a legal expert who is qualified and capable of providing you with the legal services you need.

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