On June 1, 2018 officers Jaime Cerna and Richard Allen were put on administrative leave due to allegedly using excessive force on Daniel Dunkelberger who had been accused of robbery.

The police officers were called to the scene of the crime during the early morning by Nicholas Garcia. Garcia claimed that 27-year-old Dunkelberger had broken into his vehicle and stolen his phone from inside. When officers Cerna and Allen arrived on the scene they asked the convicted to go with them calmly. When Dunkelberger protested, one of the officers’ used a  taser on him and then when he was down, both officers further beat him with their batons and also kicked him.

The alarming fact of this case was there were many bystanders recording the scene and one of them was even shouting for the officers to stop hitting the convicted since he was already restrained and helpless. The officers simply defended their actions and left with Dunkelberger. Yes, in this case, Dunkelberger was guilty of a pretty serious crime. However, the way the officers reacted was not appropriate for the situation. In court, Garcia claimed that the officers had simply reacted in such a brutal manner because Dunkelberger had refused to go with them and he had been openly resisting. Not only that, but Dunkelberger had also allegedly pushed the older officer first before they took any serious action. However, there is plenty of video evidence that the convicted was indeed restrained when he was being beaten and this generally comes under the use of excessive force.

The court had both officers on leave until the investigation was completed. At the end of everything, Dunkelberger was found guilty of theft and resisting arrested and was charged accordingly.

Unfortunately, this case of police brutality is not an isolated incident

Police brutality has been a problem across the United States for a long time now. Whether police officers use more force due to racial profiling or because of the extreme amount of authority they are given is unclear. However, what is clear is that if an individual has been on the other side of police brutality then they need to get in touch with a police brutality lawyer to start trekking on the road to justice. A police brutality lawyer in Florida can help a person turn their case around and can increase one’s chances of receiving the justice they deserve.

Just like in the case of Dunkelberger, police brutality can include excessive force used unnecessarily by a police officer. However, it doesn’t only have to be limited to that. Even verbal abuse and sexual abuse by an officer can count as police brutality as well. Contacting the best attorney in West Palm Beach, FL can be one of the best ways a person can get access to information regarding their particular case and to determine whether they are eligible to make claims and get compensated for the pain they were forced to experience unfairly.

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