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The uniformed men and women who serve as law enforcement officers all across Florida are for the most part, brave and selfless professionals who put their own lives at risk to serve and protect the community and make it a safer place for all of us.

To be able to carry out their duties effectively, these police officers are entrusted with certain powers. Unfortunately, where there is power, there is the potential for abuse. Some police officers misuse the power vested in them and tend to abuse/harass suspects.

As Americans, we all have certain rights and freedoms. If you feel that any of your rights or freedom have been violated by a law enforcement officer then you certainly may be a victim of police brutality and you have certain legal options open to you.

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The different types of police misconduct

Police brutality may come in several forms. We have seen time and again how many suspects have lost their lives even to police brutality across America and the problem continues to persist.

Some experts believe that the problem is due to lack of training, but some say there are several other factors involved and the issue is a lot more complex and sensitive than one would initially imagine. Some of the most common types of police misconduct include:

  • Police brutality – When a law enforcement officer uses excessive force, and results in the suspect becoming physically hurt or injured, it is known as police brutality.
  • Police corruption – Accepting payments or other personal favors (be if financial advancement or personal gain). Police corruption is a problem across the country and Florida is no exception.
  • Intimidation – Making threats and deliberately provoking fear or injury or harm for the sake of personal gain is also a type of police misconduct known as intimidation.
  • Racial profiling – Discriminating based solely on the skin color of a suspect and not any objective evidence is known as racial profiling or racial bias and it is more common and rampant among police officers than we think.
  • Wrongful arrest – Detention, taking into custody or arresting a suspect with no probable cause or court order is unlawful and is a type of police misconduct.
  • Planting evidence – Sometimes, law enforcement officers themselves may plant evidence on the suspect in order to incriminate them (usually as a result of pressure to get more arrests/convictions etc.)
  • Political repression – The repression of a person or a group of persons in order to avoid them from actively taking part in the political life of their society is known as political repression.
  • Surveillance abuse – Unnecessary spying, phone tapping, and so on.

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