Getting dinged with a reckless driving charge can be anywhere from a mild nuisance to a big life changer depending on what happened, and your previous driving/criminal record. There’s a wide range of different scenarios that can take place when someone is charged with reckless driving, so winning a case can depend heavily on how the story is framed for the jury. This is why you need the right attorney for the job.


If your life is being threatened by a reckless driving charge, New York’s laws can come down on your hard, so it’s imperative that you get in touch with a seasoned lawyer experienced in these types of cases. 


Here are a few things you need to know about reckless driving charges in New York:


New York’s laws on reckless driving


Ultimately, reckless driving largely depends on how the judge or jury perceives it, but legally speaking, reckless driving is defined in the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law § 1212 as: “driving in a way that interferes with the free and proper use of public highways, or driving in a manner that unreasonably endangers people on a public highway.”


There is no specified speed that separates “speeding” from “reckless driving,” so the jury will look more at your intent. For example, going 62mph in a 60 mph zone isn’t as reckless as going 50 mph through a school zone while there are kids everywhere. 


Punishments for reckless driving


If you’re a first time offender, then you may be able to get away with a fine of something between $100-300, these fines will go up as high as $1,125 for repeated offenses, plus there are surcharges of $88 or $93 depending on where you get the ticket. More importantly than just money though is the fact that reckless driving is considered a misdemeanor offense and will leave a permanent mark on your criminal record


Depending on what you’ve done, a judge has the right to punish you in a wide variety of ways, including suspending your license or putting you in prison.


Defending yourself


Depending on your case, you may be able to drastically minimize your consequence with the right lawyer. It may be that you were recklessly driving because you were in the middle of a personal emergency that the jury could sympathize with. It could also be that the allegations could be proven wrong by analyzing dashcam footage. The circumstantial nature of these types of cases is why an experienced lawyer is so important. 


Are you facing a reckless driving charge in New York? 


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