The effect of the events that followed the death of George Floyd remains fresh in our minds. Despite the protests, the number of cases of police brutality only seems to rise. Unfortunately enough, these incidents seem to escalate when the arrested individual is of color. While the affected person may be a defaulter of some kind, they still deserve justice, and so does their family. Here come police brutality lawyers, who are very important to the movement against excessive force used by the uniformed men. 


Death of Ronald Greene: A case of police brutality


Shortly after midnight, on May 10th, 2019, Louisiana Police troopers attempted to pull Ronald Greene over at about 30 miles south of the Arkansas state border for an unspecified traffic violation. When Greene refused to stop, a chase ensued, which, according to the 1-page police report, ended in his car crashing into the tree. 


The report further states that the troopers took Ronald into custody after resisting arrest and struggling with his apprehenders. On the way to the local hospital, Greene became unresponsive and died. The report made no mention of any force during the process. Meanwhile, the State Police refuse to share the incident’s body-cam footage, inducing further secrecy and doubts. 


The U.S. attorney’s office in Shreveport has confirmed that the federal authorities are now looking into the death and the alleged police brutality against Ronald Greene amidst the heightened racial tensions. Greene’s family contested the police report and filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Louisiana Police Department with a  police brutality lawyer’s help. 

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Police brutality lawyer makes all the difference.


In cases like Ronald Greene’s, where police brutality is involved, it is tough to get justice without the right help. For a grieving family, death is wrongful regardless of the legal implications. It takes a team of experts that police brutality attorneys can offer to uncover the evidence needed for a wrongful death lawsuit. 


Fortunately, Greene’s family had the help of their police brutality attorney, who aided them in filing the lawsuit against the police department with the necessary reports to contest the official announcement. It has taken them one step closer to justice. As such, involving a lawyer following a suspected case of excessive force can make all the difference.  


Finding your best bet against police brutality


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