The Dubuque County Sheriff and the Dubuque Police Department in Iowa are being sued for excessive force employed by two officers. Tiffani Anderson filed a lawsuit on August 20th, 2019 against Officers Ryan Scherrman and Robert Freund for an incident that took place on April 16th, 2018.

No Reason to Pull Over the Car

Court documents state that Anderson was with her children and grandchildren in a car when Officer Scherrman pulled her over. Anderson was coming home from the grocery store and it is unclear why she was pulled over.

Anderson told Officer Scherrman during their brief exchange that she did not have a good experience with Dubuque officers and was tired of being racially profiled. Anderson was asked to step out of the vehicle and put her hands up in the air.

Scherrman did not allow anybody else to leave the car. When Anderson requested permission for one of her children to put away the groceries, she was yelled at and denied.

Three Officers Piled On Top of Anderson

After a few minutes Scherrman ordered Anderson to return to the vehicle. She left the driver’s side open as she was getting in the vehicle when Scherrman approached her car and tried banging the door shut.

Anderson yelped that her leg was still out and she would close the door on her own. Scherrman refused to let go when Officer Freund, a deputy sheriff for the Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene.

Scherrman became angry at what he perceived as an act of defiance and ordered Anderson out of the vehicle. After barely a second he forcefully yanked Anderson out. This is when Officer Freund used his Taser gun on her. Three male officers forcefully piled on top of her to arrest her.

Recognizing Police Brutality

Police misconduct and brutality is a gross abuse of power. It is also unconstitutional. Police officers are allowed the use of force as long as it is necessary for making arrests and performing their duties. However, disproportionate or excessive force is illegal in any given situation. Victims should get in touch with an experienced police brutality personal injury lawyer if they face violence, strip searches, use of tasers or stun guns, shootings, undue restraint, false arrest, or sexual assault.

All members of the public, including the ones that are being arrested, are in police custody/prison, or have committed crimes have rights against police brutality. It is important to consult with a police brutality personal injury attorney in the event of any injury as a result of police brutality or misconduct.

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