Police misconduct in Alabama has increased to the point where community trust has eroded, resulting in a precarious climate for both citizens and law enforcement.  Communities suffer from unrelenting push-back on both sides of this dangerous societal equation, when police officers are accused of overstepping their prescribed duties acting in manners that cause harm to citizens. Excessive force is the most newsworthy alleged violation of police against Alabama citizens, but false arrest and wrongful imprisonment; wrongful search and seizure activity; sexual harassment; racial and gender discrimination; and bias-based profiling are also negative encounters for Alabama citizens. If a citizen falls victim to at least one of these violations, an experienced police brutality attorney will be able to guide them through the process of reporting and initiating legal action for harms.

Supporting law.

Alabama attorneys who have experience with police brutality cases will build a case against law enforcement utilizing facts from the negative encounter through victim, police officer and witness testimony, physical injuries, and officers’ body cam videos, when necessary.  Federal and state laws, including the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments, Title 6 of the Civil Rights Act, Title 42 United States Code, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Alabama State Code, can support a police brutality lawyer’s argument and provide remedy to victims of police brutality.


Alabama police brutality victims should seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer to help with department complaints and formal legal action, especially when criminal charges are involved as a result of the police encounter.  Successful outcomes may include damage recovery for:

  • hospital/medical expenses,
  • disability payments for wage loss,
  • treatment for depression and anxiety,
  • physical pain and suffering, and
  • loss of companionship due to death or serious injury.

Historically, Birmingham suffered through the civil rights movement and was sometimes referred to as ground zero in that struggle.  Current news headlines have suggested that we have not grown as a society in many ways since the early 1960s and action is needed to calm the communities and bring back a trust and respect that is sorely needed between Alabama citizens and law enforcement.

Seek legal counsel.

Police Brutality Lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama can assist with any type of formal complaint against a department, and when necessary, take action to file a lawsuit against the officer who is responsible for the illegal affront to an individual who has suffered harm, including wrongful death claims.  A Birmingham police injury lawyer can help victims of negative police encounters and USAttorneys.com can direct victims to experienced lawyers for free consultations, by calling 800-672-3103.