When a person witnesses a crime on the streets of Washington, D.C then they usually already feel scared and worried. However, when they are approached by another individual to perform as a witness in court for the crime they just witnessed they generally tend to feel even more nervous-especially if the alleged crime was committed by a police officer.

Police brutality is a fairly significant problem occurring across all states including Washington, D.C. There are many reasons why cases of police brutality seem to be continuing and some of the reasons include the fact that police officers have qualified immunity in many cases, and also because many individuals do not bother reporting crimes committed by officers because they are intimidated by the power and authority that police officers have.

However, if a person witnesses police brutality and they volunteer to be a witness in court or they are asked to be a witness, then they should prepare beforehand to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Here is a list of things a person can do in order to prepare to be a witness:

  • Dress properly. What a person wears is almost as important as what they say
  • Speak confidently and in a loud clear voice
  • Speak to the point
  • Any mistakes made while speaking should be corrected on the spot
  • Speak in a respectful manner to everyone and about everyone
  • Feel free to ask for a clarification on what the question being asked is

There are also a few things which a person will want to avoid when they are acting as a witness in court:

  • Don’t be intimidated by the fact that you are witnessing against a police officer
  • Do not speak in a muffled tone or cover your mouth
  • Do not get agitated or talk in a loud and aggressive manner
  • Do not answer questions which were not asked to you
  • Avoid talking excessively and only answer every question directly
  • Do not feel rushed or hurried. If you are nervous you can clearly state you are nervous and then take your time to answer accordingly

When to call a police brutality lawyer

Anyone who is going to be a witness can get professional advice on how they are expected to act in court by contacting an experienced lawyer. Also, anyone who has suffered at the hands of a police officer when they were not threatening the officer in any way should call a police brutality attorney in Washington, D.C to see what legal options are available for them. Even if the police officer did not physically attack them, but they did something like search their vehicle without a warrant or a valid reason, or they confiscated or broke a person’s personal belongings for no reason then they should get in touch with a lawyer to see how they can be compensated for their violation of privacy and the loss they suffered.


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